Storage Executive Commentary

  1. Delivering An Integrated Future For Small Business IT Management

    The rise of cloud-based services, mobile devices, and social media at work is benefitting small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) in so many ways. As smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous in our home and business lives, the pace, scope, and capacity of work has increased — but it has also left SMBs struggling to cope with a number of IT headaches all at once. And if this wasn’t already enough, the fallout from Snowden and a rise in cyber crime targeted at small business is leading to calls for a more vigilant regulatory environment that won’t hesitate to make an example of anyone large or small found responsible for data breaches.

  2. What MSPs Need To Know About The Latest HIPAA Rules

    Nick Bruno, Chief Information Security Officer at Continuum Managed Services, shares what your enterprise needs to know about new regulations.

  3. Why Business Owners Are Afraid To Grow Their Websites

    Clint Hofer of Slingfly Media explains the way to successfully develop your company's website.

  4. Channel Sales Vendor/Partner Relationships: Part 4

    In this fourthof five articles in the series, Dede Haas, channel sales strategies with DLH Services, suggests steps to take before terminating a relationship.

  5. Why A Hybrid Model Makes Sense For Managed Security Services

    Reeve Samson, CIO of Secure Designs, says a hybrid environment of on-premises and cloud solutions is emerging as the new norm for network security.

  6. Why The Real Cloud Matters For Your Security Enterprise

    Steve Van Till, President and CEO of Brivo Systems, gives advice on selecting cloud storage for physical security.

  7. Change Your Name, Please

    Gil Cargill of Cargill Consulting Group considers the limitations of using the name "managed services provider" instead of something that better identifies you business based on what it does. He adds a second column, "We're Not In A Break-Fix World Anymore" as a companion to his first topic. 

  8. Channel Sales Vendor/Partner Relationships: Part 3

    In this third of five articles in the series, Dede Haas, channel sales strategies with DLH Services, looks at dealing with channel conflict.

  9. How to Convince Customers Cloud Storage Is Secure

    Todd Scallan, VP of products for Axcient, lists five important facts to underscore when talking to your customers about cloud security.

  10. Don’t Ignore The First Sale

    The first sale is the sale that is required to get a prospect to invest time and attention with you and your company. Gil Cargill of Cargill Consulting Group says if you try to present the second sales (i.e., your product or service) during the first contact, you're skipping this crucial, first-sale step.

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