Storage Executive Commentary

  1. Navigating Channel Cross-Currents In 2014

    Gina Gallo of Stratix asks four questions that can help you compete more effectively in the new year.

  2. Don’t Let CryptoLocker Hold You or Your Customers Ransom

    Mike Foreman of AVG Technologies explains the threat from CryptoLocker ransomware infections and what you can do to protect your business' and your customers' data.

  3. Use YouTube At Your Own Risk

    Clint Hofer of Slingfly Media tells what to do — and not to do — to help use video to reach your goal of expanding your brand and creating leads.

  4. The Most Important And Most Overlooked Sales Metric

    Gil Cargill of Cargill Consulting Group explains the value of tracking the ratio of first meetings to first orders.

  5. Reasons VARs Should Consider Tapping Into Big Data

    Tom Berarducci of Zebra Technologies tells why VARs should consider business opportunities related to Big Data.

  6. Channel Sales Vendor/Partner Relationships: Part 5

    In this final part of the series, Dede Haas, channel sales strategies with DLH Services, shares responses to her earlier articles including real stories and advice from the channel.

  7. A Shift In Balance: Virtualization Growth Drives Demand For Greater App Performance

    Atchison Frazer of KEMP Technologies shows that the shift toward virtualization has meant a mix of physical, virtual, and cloud for many corporate infrastructures — and this presents new challenges and opportunities.

  8. Strategic Partnering Is The “Secret Sauce” For MSP Success

    David Roth, CEO of AppFirst, gives examples of how partnering can result in integrated, best-of-breed solutions.

  9. How to Keep Your Data Safe in the Cloud

    Christian Chavez of INetU provides tips for keeping data safe in the cloud.

  10. What You Need to Know About Converged Infrastructure Platforms: Part 2

    Jeff Kennedy, business value marketing manager at Eaton Power Quality Division, provides methods to increase the electrical efficiency of converged infrastructure solutions.

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