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  1. Warning: Enterprise Cloud Is Not A One-Size-Fits-All Solution

    Depending on your customers’ requirements, you may need to partner with several cloud providers to ensure you’re offering the right solution. By Jay McCall, Business Solutions Magazine

  2. Sell Managed Services Without Making Break-Fix Exceptions

    Learning to quickly identify managed services prospects is a key to this MSP’s projected 38% revenue growth this year.


  3. How To Overcome Cloud Security Objections In 5 Minutes

    IBM announced recently that it banned the use of DropBox for corporate use due to security concerns. Around the same time, it was also reported that presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s personal cloud storage account was hacked.

  4. Succeed With Backup And Storage In The Cloud

    Complexity of cloud-based solutions gives VARs and MSPs a chance to serve a consultative role. When it comes to storage and backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions, the focus for most companies now is on how to leverage cloud-based, virtualized, and hosted solutions to ensure the security of their data. 

  5. The Right Way To Upsell BDR

    A VAR doubles its monthly recurring revenue by taking the time to evaluate its customer’s backup and disaster recovery (BDR) needs.

  6. The Truth About Retailers & PCI

    An occasional topic amongst editors at Jameson Publishing, the parent company of Business Solutions, is getting “too close” to a topic. More specifically, we ask — due to our perspective, number of people we interview, the successful nature of the people we interview, the amount of knowledge we have, etc.

  7. 7 Distributor Offerings You Can’t Neglect Any Longer

    Four value-added distributors share the most overlooked services you should be taking advantage of.

  8. Why Now Is The Right Time To Sell Cloud Computing

    This MSP is turning to the cloud for its projected 30% revenue growth this year.

  9. The Growing Video Storage Opportunity

    Resellers can leverage video storage solutions to provide value-added security and video management services.

  10. Three Pain Points Small VARs Can Fix Now

    The latest Gartner research shows that SMBs worldwide spent $860 billion in 2011, and that spending is expected to surpass the $1T mark by 2014. It’s no surprise why a VAR would focus on this market. By Jay McCall, networking and managed services editor, Business Solutions magazine

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