Supply Chain Executive Commentary

  1. How Big Data Works For Hospitality

    Predictive analytics eliminate the guesswork from staff scheduling.

  2. Deploying The Internet Of Things: Don’t Make The Same Mistakes

    Compared with the coming IoT networks, wireless and computer networks are relatively straightforward, and yet their performance is routinely hobbled by haphazard deployment. IoT networks are more complex, heterogeneous, and intraoperative than their predecessors. Deployment experts, whether in-house or on contract, need to be involved early in the planning process to help optimize device testing, physical placement, data security, power consumption, and efficient bandwidth usage.

  3. 10 Retail Trends To Watch

    If there is a single, defining issue for the 2015 holiday shopping season, it’s whether retailers were able to provide a more cohesive shopping experience regardless of channels. Here are the major trends reshaping retail that resellers should pay close attention to, and which will be on the minds of your customer base in the weeks and months ahead.

  4. Top 7 Predictions For SMB Cloud POS In 2016

    As SMBs look for faster and easier access to social and mobile analytics and more processing power and storage, cloud adoption has boomed. According to The SMB Group, cloud is the new IT infrastructure for SMBs, with 92 percent using at least one cloud business solution and 87 percent using at least one cloud infrastructure solution.

  5. 6 Reasons To Implement Inventory Management With Bar Codes

    There are a number of reasons why the use of inventory management software, along with bar codes will not only improve day-to-day operations, but boost your clients’ bottom line in the long run.

  6. 5 Essential Aspects Of A Data Privacy Policy

    Failure to make a good privacy policy could open a company up to possible lawsuits, fines, regulatory audits, and more. To improve a company’s privacy policy, companies should seriously consider the following tips.

  7. 4 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Big Data

    Big Data has become one of the most reliable tools for businesses to discover more about their audience, focus their marketing plans, and boost their sales. Although it’s a complicated process, once it’s understood and harnessed, the benefits are immediate and long lasting.

  8. 6 Critical KPIs Each Of Your IT Clients Should Know

    As your IT clients' companies evolve, it’s vital that they stay attuned to key performance indicators (KPIs) that mark growth areas within their operations.

  9. Embracing The Growth Trend

    Over the next five years, the point of sale system install base in North America is poised to grow at a rate of about 9% annually.

  10. 11 Ways The Channel Will Succeed With IoT — #11 May Surprise You

    The inevitable question for the channel is how to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) trend early and build the right organization and business model that can drive growth and profit.