White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Automate Your Manual Inventory System - An SMB Guide White Paper

    Automated data collection has been around a long time, but in the world of inventory tracking, paper and pencil is still alive and well at many businesses. That’s unfortunate because today upgrading to an automated inventory system is not only relatively easy, it is decidedly advantageous in many ways.

  2. Technology Breakthrough Advances Line Matrix Printing - Allows For Direct Competition With Laser Printers In Most Industrial Settings
    The migration from line matrix printers to laser in industrial environments may soon vanish. The introduction of a significant new technology resolves perceived challenges of operating line matrix printers in modern IT settings and catapults the relevance of industry ‘work-horse’ printers to the forefront for both users and decision-makers alike.
  3. The Growing Requirements For 2D Imaging Technology
    Productivity is a key performance indicator for any industry, and it is becoming widely accepted that bar code data collection technology is one of the best productivity investments a company can make.
  4. Maxim Integrated Products Achieves Stock Room Proficiency With Wasp Inventory Control
    As a large manufacturer, Maxim Integrated Product’s inventory is constantly moving. At any given moment, a part may be removed from a stock room to repair equipment. When repairable parts break they are checked back in to the stock room and then checked out to the repair vendor. When Javier Saenz joined Maxim as an Inventory Control Specialist for the San Antonio facility, there were eight different departments with over 130 hands responsible for tracking the location and status of parts – using only Excel spreadsheets.
  5. Minera Norway: Slate Manufacturer Implements Intermec RFID
    Minera Norway, a Norwegian slate manufacturer, cuts slate rock into tiles and blocks used for flooring, walkways, roofing, and other applications. These products are then stored in an outdoor yard on pallets where they await shipment. However, because of the yard's size — 215,280 square feet — and large quantity of products, the company was easily losing track of where pallets were located and where their inventory was stored.
  6. HAVI Logistics: Efficient, End-To-End Tracking And Tracing For Frozen Foods
    For restaurant chains, quality assurance is vital. For a highly specialized logistics company like HAVI Logistics GmbH who supplies all the European restaurants of probably the most well-known foodservice retailer in the world several times a week with food and non-food items, it is an absolute must. As is end-to-end tracking and tracing of goods from arrival at the logistics company through to delivery to the restaurant branch.
  7. Mediq Is Ready For The Future With The Intermec CN50
    Mediq is an international supplier of medicines and medical aids. With around 8,200 employees, Mediq is active in fourteen countries. The company constantly works on helping patients to get better and teaches them how best to deal with their condition. This allows people to feel healthier and continue to feel part of society.
  8. Oxford Bus Company Increases Efficiency And Reduces Costs With New Ticketing Solution
    When their existing pavement conductor ticketing system reached the end of its life, Oxford Bus needed a new solution for their park & ride and coach services that not only provided efficient ticket production but also gave them more data on journeys made. Following advice from Barcode-IT, Oxford Bus were able to develop a new ticketing system using data capture terminals and mobile printers that has surpassed all expectations and revolutionized their pavement conductor ticketing system.
  9. Fort Hood Creates Unprecedented Accountability For Its IT Assets
    The nation’s largest U.S. Army post, Fort Hood, tasked a G2 ITS support contractor (property manager for installation and fixed property) with maintaining accountability for property assigned to him. This property included approximately 1,000 IT assets, such as servers, computers, network switches, and more. By Wasp Barcode Technologies
  10. Marathon Field Computer - Supply Chain Use Case
    Today’s supply chain is a nonstop series of challenges and a nonstop quest for efficiencies. The Marathon Field Computer aids supervisors and QC personnel in warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing by giving them the computing power they need in a highly mobile package.