White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Control Access And Protect Assets With Print-On-Demand Intelligent ID Cards
    Fraud and theft are constant threats to any organization, and the protections put in place against malicious activities must constantly evolve. To solve this challenge, businesses are deploying multiple levels of security, of which access cards are a critical component.
  2. Case Study: City Saves Time And Money Completing Survey With Data Collection Solution
    Public health officials face ongoing challenges in identifying, preparing for, and managing outbreaks of diseases and other illnesses.
  3. Imaging Moves Into The Mainstream

    Misperceptions about 2-D imagers are changing fast, which is why 2-D imagers are the fastest-growing category of bar code readers. Only a few years ago, 2-D imagers were (wrongly) considered a niche technology mostly used for reading 2-D bar codes. Now they are becoming the technology of choice for most bar code applications, and lasers are on the way to becoming a niche technology. By Intermec

  4. Collection & Delivery Operations: Mobile Technology Innovations For Competitive Advantage

    The collection and delivery (C&D) landscape is diverse and encompasses a number of transport and logistics segments. Whilst segment terminology may slightly differ by region, the following sectors cover the key operations: courier express parcel (CEP), postal services, third-party logistics (3PL), freight forwarding, grouping, trucking, less than load (LTL), private fleets, and service fleets.

  5. Venice Film Festival Shortens Box Office Lines With Mobile Tickets
    In 2008, the organizers of the Venice Film Festival approached Attractive.IT with a view to acquiring a new system for online sales and access control to the movie premiers at the three most important venues at the festival. The aim was to overcome postal delivery problems with the traditional paper tickets. By Honeywell
  6. A Distribution Hub Uses Wireless Handhelds To Reduce Pallet Discrepancies
    The increasing functionality of mobile automatic data capture devices has enabled enormous benefits in terms of productivity and accuracy across the transport and logistics sector. Pall-Ex implements a new track and trace logistics solution that improves customer service and virtually eliminates the task of creating revenue change request documentation. By Honeywell
  7. A Supermarket Chain Lets Its Employees Choose Its Latest Handhelds
    The supermarket chain Minipreis, based in East Westphalia, Germany, is making use of automatic identification technology. Honeywell’s Dolphin® 6100 mobile computer is improving efficiency in its stock management system and is proving very popular with its operators. By Honeywell
  8. Electronic Patient Tracking Ensures Accurate Evacuation Processes

    This case study highlights how United Hospital Center (UHC) integrated electronic patient tracking software with mobile computers to improve the speed and accuracy of patient evacuations in response to emergency situations. By Honeywell

  9. Safeguarding The Devices That Protect Us
    Small buildings may have two or three. A hospital may have hundreds. Some manufacturing plants may have up to 4,000, and there’s close to 460 different types.
  10. How Ruggedness Reduces TCO For Mobile Computers — VDC Research Presented By Intermec

    General-purpose PDAs and ruggedized enterprise mobile computers are made for separate markets, designed for different tasks, and vary by their size, weight, and materials. But the biggest difference between these device types is their total cost of ownership (TCO). By Intermec, Inc.

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