White Papers & Case Studies

  1. A Supermarket Chain Lets Its Employees Choose Its Latest Handhelds
    The supermarket chain Minipreis, based in East Westphalia, Germany, is making use of automatic identification technology. Honeywell’s Dolphin® 6100 mobile computer is improving efficiency in its stock management system and is proving very popular with its operators. By Honeywell
  2. Electronic Patient Tracking Ensures Accurate Evacuation Processes

    This case study highlights how United Hospital Center (UHC) integrated electronic patient tracking software with mobile computers to improve the speed and accuracy of patient evacuations in response to emergency situations. By Honeywell

  3. Safeguarding The Devices That Protect Us
    Small buildings may have two or three. A hospital may have hundreds. Some manufacturing plants may have up to 4,000, and there’s close to 460 different types.
  4. How Ruggedness Reduces TCO For Mobile Computers — VDC Research Presented By Intermec

    General-purpose PDAs and ruggedized enterprise mobile computers are made for separate markets, designed for different tasks, and vary by their size, weight, and materials. But the biggest difference between these device types is their total cost of ownership (TCO). By Intermec, Inc.

  5. Mobility Innovates Route Accounting/DSD

    Arm your field sales people with fast, accurate data collection to transform the way they do business.

  6. Printers Pay For Themselves In 30 Days

    J & D Pharmacy has been in business for more than 30 years. As an independently owned pharmacy, J & D Pharmacy owner Don Grove understands the pressure to provide superior customer service, added value, and combat increasing competition. By CognitiveTPG

  7. Installation Of A 900-MHz Ethernet Bridge
    Richard Burgess of IP Data Corporation in Edgewater, Florida, was faced with a rather difficult and potentially costly internet connection problem when his company expanded into a new facility a couple of miles away.
  8. Honeywell Provides Advanced Scanning Technology To Specialty Retailer Cabela’s Inc., For Express Hunting License Registration
    With 32 stores nationwide, Cabela’s Inc. is a leading specialty retailer of hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor merchandise. Enlisting the help of data collection service provider, Liberty Systems Inc., Cabela’s selected the Honeywell Genesis™ 7580 area-imaging scanner equipped with Honeywell’s EasyDL™ software plug-in to help automate and improve the licensing data entry process.
  9. Case Study: Keeping The Supply Chain Flowing With The 6610Q
    Established in 1978 as United Pharmacists Ltd., Procurity Inc. is the purchasing, distribution, and marketing arm for a network of pharmacies across Canada. By Printronix Inc.
  10. White Paper: Automotive Traceability: A Driving Force For Part Labeling
    In the automotive industry, traceability refers to the capacity for identifying specific information about a part and its origin so that data can be associated to a specific vehicle or range of vehicles. Several trace data elements including part number, source manufacturer, manufacture plant and date, lot number, and serial number can be used to keep track of unique parts.