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  1. Five Trends Making News And Driving Change In Contact Centers
    Communications technology and solutions have entered a realm only dreamed of even 10 years ago. Millions, if not billions, of people each day are carrying on “conversations” that can influence any organization’s strategies.
  2. Five Trends Making News And Driving Change In Contact Centers
    The pervasiveness and effectiveness of mobile, Internet, and social media communications have been on display in recent years as people responded to natural disasters, political uprisings, and other important events around the world.
  3. Allworx Assists Westside Children’s Center
    WCC has two locations in Los Angeles, one on Slauson Avenue and one on Wagner Street. Unfortunately, these two locations were outfitted with two disparate phone systems.
  4. Allworx Keeps Water Treatment Plant Afloat
    When Seven Seas was just a startup company, it was without a phone system – employees made all of their calls via antiquated copper lines and cell phones.
  5. Allworx Builds Architectural Firm A Phone System
    When KGA decided to move from its old corporate office in Las Vegas to a more modern facility, it was decided that the time was also right to move from an old phone system to a more modern option.
  6. UBcare Deploys Honeywell’s Xenon® 1900 Area-Imaging Scanner To Improve Pharmacy Productivity

    Medical complications caused by pharmacy errors occur frequently and can be extremely hazardous for patients. Traditional pharmacies dispense medications manually, which is inefficient and may result in high rates of error. By Honeywell

  7. Big Al’s State-Of-The-Art Entertainment Facility Highlights Panasonic Professional Displays And Projectors
    Big Al’s, a bowling and entertainment venue located in Vancouver, WA, wanted to expand into neighboring Beaverton, OR with a new, state-of-the-art bowling, arcade and sports bar & grill.
  8. Jones New York Draws Attention To Its Latest Fashions With 103” Panasonic Plasma Display Installation In Macy’s Herald Square
    Jones New York, a distinctive, modern clothing brand for women, was looking to redesign its store inside the Macy’s Herald Square location in New York City.
  9. Understanding & Evaluating Mobile Printer Performance
    In a test, a print request for an identical shipping label was sent to two mobile thermal printers over a standard 802.11b wireless connection. Despite the fact both printers had to process the same label format with the same computer and same network bandwidth, one printer completed the job 2.8 times faster than the other.
  10. Case Study: Publishing Company
    The Fortune 500 publisher wanted to provide iPhones for as many as 2000 employees, delivering the devices through a streamlined process that would create “an excellent out-of-box experience.” By Enterprise Mobile, Inc.
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