Articles By Christine Kern

  1. WatchGuard Categorizes 2015 Security Trends Into What (And What Not) To Worry About

    In an effort to help IT professionals navigate through the convoluted waters of IT security, WatchGuard has issued an infographic that outlines some of the top security trends for 2015 — and also denotes which should be concerns and which should not.

  2. With Competition For IT Techs Rising, Can IT Solutions Providers Fill Void For Campuses?

    The need for qualified IT techs is on the rise nationwide, but colleges and universities will have a harder time filling their open positions in 2015, due to a shortage of talented applicants.

  3. Survey Shows 20 Percent Of Employees Going Rogue With Corporate Data

    Such rogue activity points to gaps in IT security that need to be addressed. Not only must corporations be proactive against attacks from external enemies; they must also be vigilant against behaviors from current and former employees.

  4. Education IT News For VARs — January 22, 2015

    This week, an infographic highlights campus tech and IT issues, and an article highlights Ed-Tech trends from CES 2015.

  5. Government IT News For VARs — January 21, 2015

    In the news, federal agencies struggle to keep up with digital demand, and President Barack Obama urges the adoption of a data breach law. Also, the Los Angeles Police Department is scheduled to get body cams.

  6. LNS Announces Predictions For Asset Management In 2015

    LNS Research is introducing its Asset Performance Management (APM) Research Library this month, and in a recent blog post Dan Miklovic unveils a sneak peek at the top three trends that manufacturing will see have an effect on APM in 2015, with the third related to APM solutions providers.

  7. From Gamification To MOOCs To Cloud, Learning Is Increasingly Tech-Based

    Talent LMS, a cloud-based learning management system, has laid out its top 10 online learning trends for 2015 in an infographic.

  8. DHS Investment Into Solutions Could Impact Commercial Market

    The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate has invested billions of dollars in development and transitioning of research projects into viable commercial solutions for first responders and network operators, as Fed Tech Magazine reports.

  9. 6 IoT Predictions For 2015

    Embedded security technologies provider Sansa Security released its top six predicted trends for the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2015, according to a press release:

  10. Education IT News For VARs — January 15, 2015

    In news this week is an example of the benefits of visitor management software for a school’s security and examples of innovations in digital textbooks.

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