Articles By Christine Kern

  1. ICIT: Layered Defense Is Only Way To Combat Ransomware

    Endpoint security should be the first layer in the complex defense against attacks.

  2. Increased Use Of Multi-Vector DDoS Attacks Targeting Companies

    Report identifies common tactics and offers key takeaways for CIOs.

  3. 8 Essential Helpdesk Tools For MSP Success

    How to win and keep your customers with helpdesk tools to meet their needs.

  4. Nationwide Network Of Urban Chief Data Officers Now In Place

    Harvard Ash Center launches network to establish and support the national peer network of CDOs.

  5. What MSPs and VARs Should Know About Crypto-Ransomware

    Downtime translates into major costs due to loss of access to data.

  6. Only 23% Of Organizations Capable Of Responding Effectively To A Cyber Incident

    Retail clients experienced 2.7 times the number of attacks per client as finance.

  7. How To Sell Your Enterprise Clients On Cloud Sharing

    Infographic shows that collaboration is more than just file sharing.

  8. POS Not Just For Retail Anymore

    0 transaction fees, mobile management app, and employee schedule top desired features.

  9. Machine Learning Could Be Weaponized In Fight Against ISIS

    Deep learning machines could help decode ISIS as a network and develop strategy for defeat.

  10. As VA Fails Yet Another Audit, Their Only Hope For Cybersecurity May Lie In The Cloud

    This is the 16th consecutive year the VA has failed their security audit.