BDR Articles

  1. Dropbox' Move Into The Enterprise: Your Worst Nightmare Or Killer Opportunity?

    While, in the past, MSPs sought to talk customers out of using Dropbox in place of more robust solutions, it seems that the company is poised to make a move into the enterprise realm. In fact, an article by Forbes claims that such a move is necessary if the company plans to hit the growth numbers investors have expected. 

  2. IT Nation Keynote Combines Brain Chemistry With Business

    Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, pointed out that leaders at successful businesses understand people and create an environment in which their companies function at an optimum.

  3. Recommended VAR Reading: The Challenger Sale

    I read The Challenger Sale about a year ago and have been testing its principles and techniques whenever I can. I think the business-to-business sales methods taught in this book are the real deal and could have a significant impact on VAR organizations as they strive to be trusted advisors.

  4. Old School Solutions Providers Need A Renaissance ... Or Retirement

    Sometimes I wonder if I sound like a broken record to readers. “Expand your line card by selling complementary technologies to existing customers. Adopt the as-a-Service model to build a predictable revenue stream and maximize profitability.” When you boil down almost every article in Business Solutions, you should find one or both of those messages.

  5. Why You Don’t Have To Sell SMBs On Virtualization

    The Cisco Flexpod Express Study, “Virtualization at Small and Medium Sized Firms on the Rise,” is an in-depth survey of SMB IT managers, directors, and CIOs that concludes most SMBs use virtualization and nearly all are aware of its benefits.

  6. Managed Services, Backup and Recovery, and Networking News From October 2013

    Each month, Business Solutions reports news on business in the channel. This month in Managed Services, Backup and Recovery, and Networking, news includes a partnership, products, a promotion, a playbook, and a “Proof of Concept Lab.”

  7. Why The AVG-Level Platforms Deal Is Good News For SMBs

    AVG Technologies acquired remote monitoring and management (RMM) company LPI Level Platforms earlier this year, which brought together two companies with the goal of providing cloud-based tools to help manage small business customers.

  8. Government IT News For VARs — November 12, 2013

    This week, the U.S. Navy’s Data Center Consolidation Project is looking for a solution to move data to commercial facilities, government agencies need to consider protecting Big Data from hackers, and Apple releases a statement about government requests for data.

  9. Government IT News For VARs — November 1, 2013

    This week, a Senate bill would make “stalking apps” illegal, vendors are navigating the GSA’s new reverse auction online tool, and government IT professionals want some say in future technology projects — in light of the performance of

  10. Healthcare IT News For VARs — October 31, 2013

    In this week’s news, the AHIMA Convention provides education on ICD-10 implementation and on overcoming human error in EHR management. Also in the news, more vendors are taking up the challenge of meeting Stage 2 Meaningful Use criteria, MSPs can find business opportunity in complying with the HIPAA omnibus rule, and of course, the healthcare IT community is weighing in on the problems with