BDR Articles

  1. MSP Secrets For Overcoming Customer Objections

    VARs beginning to offer managed services can hear objections from their break-fix customers about the idea of a monthly bill. At Business Solutions magazine’s Channel Transitions Conference October 7 in Philadelphia, members of the VAR/MSP panels weighed in on how to respond to, “Why do I have to pay more?”

  2. Practical Advice On Providing Managed Services

    Business Solutions’ Channel Transitions VAR/MSP Executive Conference featured John Rutkowski, CEO of BOLDER Designs, who filled the morning keynote at the conference on October 7 in Philadelphia with practical takeaways for VARs making the transition — and for MSPs looking for ways to grow their businesses.

  3. Let The As-a-Service Model Invigorate Your Tired Business

    The definition of invigorate is to revitalizeenergizerevive, and enliven. That’s the as-a-service model, isn’t it? That’s what a recurring revenue stream can do for your business. It can revitalize and even revive a struggling company to change from month-to-month or day-to-day financially to being in a position of predictable revenue for planning and growth. It can energize and enliven business owners and employees stuck in a “ho-hum” business model and way of working.

  4. Jameson Publishing/Business Solutions Supports Epilepsy Awareness "Pay It Forward" Campaign

    During the opening of Business Solutions’ Channel Transitions VAR/MSP Executive Conference on October 7 in Philadelphia, the magazine’s president Jim Roddy explained why VAR/MSP/ISV registrants and conference sponsors received a $5 Starbucks gift card marked “#AJO.”

  5. 8 Channel Threats, 6 Opportunities For Solutions Providers

    The panel discussion “Future Channel Opportunities & Threats” at the ASCII Success Summit in Austin, TX featured several excellent points and lots of give-and-take. Here are some highlights from the discussion.


  6. SYNNEX Keynote Herm Edwards Shares NFL Lessons That Resonate With Break/Fix VARs

    I’ve been to my share of industry conferences and have sat through my share of keynote speakers. So, when I saw that Herm Edwards, ESPN analyst and former NFL coach and player, was speaking, I expected a speech filled with touching and humorous NFL stories tied to life lessons and motivational wisdom. Edwards delivered all that, but in a way that exceeded my expectations.

  7. HP Networking Sets Sites On Cisco

    During the general session of the second day of SYNNEX' (NYSE:SNX) National Conference in Greenville, SC, Craig Hinkley, VP & GM of HP (NYSE: HPQ) Networking Americas shared his company's vision for the near future. Hinkley's message was repeated many different colorful ways, but what it boils down to is an aggressive focus on winning business away from Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) and giving it to SYNNEX VARs. Here are just a few sound bites from Hinkley's energetic presentation...

  8. Government IT News For VARs — October 4, 2013

    This week’s news includes the launch of “Twitter Alerts,” the value of APIs, and the opportunities Big Data applications can create in the government vertical.

  9. Tech Data Shares Strategy For Optimizing Cloud

    At its fall Channel Link event, Tech Data announced its partners can offer additional cloud-based services. Before launching the new initiative, though, the company considered how to best offer the services so the new program — and its resellers — would have the best chance of success.

  10. Healthcare IT News For VARs — October 2, 2013

    This week’s news includes the arrival of a HIPAA compliance deadline, guidance for ICD-10 transitions, future growth predicted in healthcare spending, and a case of analytics aiding in diagnosis.