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  1. What Government CIOs’ New IT Budget Authority Could Mean For VARs

    FITARA gives a major boost to agency chief information officers when it comes to overseeing their agencies’ IT budgets, promising CIOs a “significant role” in programming, budgeting, and decision-making related to IT at their agencies.

  2. Will The SSD-HDD Debate Continue Into 2015?

    If anyone thought the debate surrounding different storage types was going to be settled anytime soon, they’ll likely be sorely disappointed. 2014 was an exciting year as the debate between solid-state drive (SSD) and hard disk drive (HDD) grew ever more heated as both sides of the argument made their case for which form enterprises should favor. As 2015 begins, the debate doesn’t look to be letting up. If anything, it’s only going to get more intense as new technologies and strategies come to the forefront while opponents continue to tout flash storage or hard drives.

  3. Managed Services, Backup And Recovery, And Networking News From December 2014

    Each month, Business Solutions reports news on business in the channel. This month in managed services, backup and recovery, and networking news, Datto acquires Backupify, Pivot3 launches a hyper-converged disaster recovery appliance, Axcient releases the latest version of Business Recovery Cloud, and a new platform enables partners to integrate with the OpenDNS Network.

  4. Survey: Reliability, Business Continuity Drive Demand For Cloud Adoption

    According to a survey by NaviSite. one-third of U.S. respondents have migrated a significant amount (50 to 70 percent) of their IT infrastructure to the cloud.

  5. IT Providers Should Resolve To Improve Efficiency, Profitability In 2015

    As an IT solutions provider, your New Year’s resolutions might involve steps you can take to improve efficiency and profitability. Here are four resolutions to consider when it comes to a successful 2015.

  6. CompTIA’s Business Confidence Index Shows A Gain In Q4

    CompTIA’s IT Industry Business Confidence Index for 2014’s fourth quarter reveals a slight upturn from its third quarter dip.

  7. Worse Than Sticks And Stones: Pay Attention To Customer Reviews

    Client reviews posted on the Internet have taken a prominent role when customers — or patients or students — determine where to spend their money. An article by CNN highlights the lengths that consumers will go to research the best chance at a good experience.

  8. Finding The Best Charts And Graphs For The Job

    Solutions continue to offer more and better options for displaying data — a data representation that provides the information or comparison you are looking for can be the difference between having data and using data.

  9. Managed Services: Ignore The Little Voice Telling You "You Can't"

    If you’re still on the fence about diving head first into services or making it a bigger part of your business, you’ve probably got a handful of concerns that are causing you to hesitate. In a recent survey of some of our readers, we asked them to share what challenges they had to overcome in the first six months of offering managed services. I want to share these with you so you realize that you aren’t unique. If you read our managed services articles and think, “that might work for him, but we’re different,” you’re flat out wrong. Common initial obstacles shared by respondents include

  10. 5 Leadership Qualities That Inspire

    Great leaders are not born; they are made. This statement introduces a white paper from ConnectWise entitled Discover Your Inner Leader. In the paper, you will find traits that will help you lead — or become a leader — of your IT solutions provider business. And, you may notice, these traits are common to all leaders.

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