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  1. Why Increased Profitability Might Be Out Of Your Reach

    If you’re a VAR or integrator looking to become more profitable, check this out. I attended a lot of trade shows and partner conferences focused on managed services this fall and sat through a ton of educational sessions. Something that really jumped out at me about MSPs is their focus on business metrics.

  2. Government IT News For VARs — December 17, 2013

    In the news, Microsoft takes steps to ensure customers the government will have to legally access Internet data — not take it through technological means. Also, industry executives weigh in on the safety of police mobile apps, and the GSA’s OS3 could help more companies do business with the government.

  3. How To Start Bundling Managed Services

    For VARs beginning to offer managed services, the question of how to add on or bundle services often presents new challenges. Channel executives from Continuum, AVG, and N-able by Solar Winds offer suggestions for where to begin.

  4. How To Own A New Company In 2014: Rebrand

    In the final weeks of 2013, you might begin thinking about New Year’s resolutions. As you reflect on all the things that could use a fresh start in 2014, add one more to the list: your brand. Hayman Consulting Group provides information and advice.

  5. Advice On Bundling Services With Cloud Backup

    Allan Lonz of AdvisorVault suggests common products and services to bundle with cloud back up.

  6. Is 2014 The Beginning Of The End?

    Before you jump to the conclusion that this is a doom-and-gloom article, let me promise you it isn’t. It’s a story about opportunity. True, where there’s opportunity, there’s often the other side of the coin where weakness and threats lie. My goal, and that of Business Solutions, is to keep readers like you on the opportunity side of business. I want you profitable and thriving in 2014 and into 2015.

  7. Managed Services, Backup and Recovery, and Networking News From November 2013

    Each month, Business Solutions reports news on business in the channel. This month Managed Services, Backup and Recovery, and Networking news includes a new certification course for mobile technologies, new software releases and certifications, a new opportunity for VARs and MSPs to provide cloud backup services, and new business partnerships.

  8. Government IT News For VARs — December 4, 2013

    This week, analysts forecast growth in the disaster recovery services market, and a DDoS protection services survey reveals companies prefer a having a service provider to stop distributed denial-of-service attacks, with response time backed by an SLA.

  9. A Look At Cloud Security From Your Customers’ Perspective

    As a cloud storage solutions provider, you bear a burden of making sure your customers’ data is secure. Do you take the time also to consider the burden your customers bear? An article in a recent edition of Authority, published by Tech Data, “Your Data Has Left The Building,” is a realistic look at the risks people and organizations face when they make the decision to store data in the cloud.

  10. Peer-To-Peer: MSP Comments On Selling Services, Compensating Sales Teams

    An MSP offers perspective on selling and on incentivizing his sales team.

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