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  1. The Top 6 Security Threats To Your SMB Customers

    Helping your customers understand the security threat landscape is the first step to selling managed network security solutions.

  2. 3 Benefits Of Selling SaaS-Based POS

    eMobilePOS anticipates triple-digit growth on the sale of its SaaS-based POS solutions. Here’s why the company is banking on the cloud.

  3. 3 Roadblocks To Retail’s 'As a Service' Transition

    While assembling the editorial for our Partner Program Insider (built into this issue), we performed an outreach for thought leadership where we asked industry experts to weigh in on the biggest topics for key verticals. When it came to retail, a common theme referenced was the “as a Service” business model. Not surprising, really.

  4. Niche Market, Major Opportunity

    POS resellers are foolish to overlook ethnic grocery stores; their numbers have exploded with Asian/Hispanic population growth, and they’re buying lots of technology.

  5. Is Cloud-Based Video Management Software Ready For Prime Time?

    Cloud-based solutions can provide recurring revenue but are not suited to every client.

  6. Megapixel Surveillance Cameras Continue To Gain Traction Globally

    Several factors are converging to make megapixel technology an especially attractive option in video surveillance systems worldwide.

  7. Payment Processing Market Continues To Change

    Find a merchant services partner that can help keep merchants informed and educated.

  8. Biometrics Adds New Layer Of Security

    Opportunities exist to integrate biometrics into solutions in many key growth verticals.

  9. Cloud Computing Opens IP Surveillance Opportunities For VARs

    While the concept of “cloud” is relatively new to the video surveillance world, many of the benefits will resonate with IT integrators.

  10. Tech Trends: Bank On Payment Processing
    For resellers that have established themselves in the point of sale (POS) market, expanding into payment processing seems like a natural migration. By Brian Albright, Business Solutions magazine.
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