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  1. Report Highlights How Tech Convergence Could Redefine The Federal Landscape

    Creating IT Futures, the philanthropic arm of CompTIA, has released the Federal Technology Convergence Commission Report to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), highlighting how converged technologies could redefine government communication, cooperation, and the way federal agencies address the nation’s most significant issues.

  2. Education Trends That Affect IT Spend

    Education is undergoing a time of change —with drivers including government mandates and the characteristics of new generations of students. The challenges created by this evolution can be opportunities to provide new IT solutions.

  3. Look At TCO When Selecting Devices For Field Service

    Total cost of ownership (TCO) can shed some light on the right choice between consumer and rugged tablets for field service.

  4. CDC Reports On EHR Use In The Emergency Department

    While EHR (electronic health records) adoption overall is slowing, past growth patterns in EHR adoption in hospital emergency departments (EDs) and outpatient departments (OPDs) might give interested vendors insight into an area of potential current growth, and a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides a look at those numbers.

  5. Researchers Use Small Devices To Monitor Chronic Conditions

    With all the advances the medical device industry has seen, ease of use is a relatively new focus. Researchers from the University Of Michigan are making advances with small, medical devices that will be useable by patients with a wide range of skill levels.

  6. Challenges To Tapping IoT Potential Could Mean Opportunities For Solutions Providers

    New research released by Internet of Things (IoT) analytics platform company Par Stream has revealed a direct relationship between access and analysis of data and success of IoT projects.

  7. What Does The FCC Net Neutrality Ruling Mean For Your Education IT Clients?

    The FCC has ruled in support of net neutrality, meaning Web traffic for all users will be treated equally and denying the creation of so-called “fast lanes” of access for a higher fee.

  8. Feds And First Responders Create Public Safety LTE Network

    Your government IT clients in public safety can benefit from a new partnership between the U.S.

  9. Two-Thirds Of Global Businesses Rely On Android Devices, But 40 Percent Have Security Concerns

    According to the results of a recent SOTI study, while more than two-thirds of global businesses consider Android devices integral to their daily operations, almost 40 percent still have concerns over security of Android devices.

  10. Video Solutions Have ROI In Field Service

    Video solutions for surveillance and intelligence are gaining popularity in field service.

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