Data Collection & Mobility Articles

  1. Honeywell Connects The Dots: Scanners And Mobile Printers To Addressing Retail IT Pain Points

    The retail IT channel is evolving quickly — marketing is migrating to digital, workflows are leveraging mobile computing, and “green” initiatives, inspired by millennial consumers concerned with the environment, are becoming more common. The changing world of retail challenges VARs to deliver the right solutions to meet these new demands.

  2. What Smart VARs Know About Mobility Solutions And Healthcare

    Business Solutions president Jim Roddy and Matt Jordan, healthcare account executive at Datalogic, discussed healthcare’s mobility trend at the Smart VAR Healthcare Summit.

  3. VARTECH 2015 Features “Channel Ed” Solutions Sessions

    All VARs know it’s important to work on your business as well as in it, and BlueStar’s VARTECH 2015 is providing that opportunity. In addition to covering technology topics, Solutions Sessions at the conference will include “Channel Ed” sessions that focus on helping you manage and grow your business.

  4. Lockheed Takes On The IoT

    Lockheed Martin is making direct efforts to create Internet Of Things (IoT) solutions via its new Lockheed Martin Healthcare Technology Alliance.

  5. Simple Guide To HIPAA Released By HHS

    Your clients look to you for guidance in navigating the huge amount of information available around Health IT regulations.

  6. Digital Health: Funding Activity Still On The Rise

    Separating the hype around digital health from reality can be hard, but some recent news form accelerator StartUp Health and seed fund Rock Health are shedding light on reality.

  7. Why Mobility Is An Important Trend In Healthcare — And To Healthcare IT VARs

    In an exclusive interview at the Smart VAR Healthcare Summit, Business Solutions president Jim Roddy asked Jeff Fountaine, director of healthcare at Honeywell, for his perspective on mobility in healthcare and the opportunities it presents to VARs.

  8. The Paradox Of Healthcare Startup Funding

    Startups present multiple opportunities for healthcare IT solutions providers — from potential new clients to the opening of new corners of the industry. News of money pouring into the startup space is reason to pay attention.

  9. Geofencing May Soon Be Required For All Drones

    Mandatory geofencing of drones may soon be in effect, according to a new report from IDG New Service.

  10. Penn State Introduces EdTech Network, Plans Summit

    Penn State University announced the creation of the Ed Tech Network, part of President Eric Barron’s $30 million Invent Penn State initiative, designed to “leverage the University’s size and broad research strengths to be a driver for job creation, economic development and student career success.”