Data Collection & Mobility Articles

  1. Is 2014 The Beginning Of The End?

    Before you jump to the conclusion that this is a doom-and-gloom article, let me promise you it isn’t. It’s a story about opportunity. True, where there’s opportunity, there’s often the other side of the coin where weakness and threats lie. My goal, and that of Business Solutions, is to keep readers like you on the opportunity side of business. I want you profitable and thriving in 2014 and into 2015.

  2. Data Collection and Mobility News From November 2013

    Each month, Business Solutions reports news on business in the channel. This month in Data Collection and Mobility, companies announce a skills certification for mobile technologies, new products — including mobile computers and tablets, a handheld imager, and sled — a new label solutions store and a new acquisition.

  3. Education IT News for VARs — December 10, 2013

    In the news, school technology leaders are challenged to keep up with BYOD, Common Core online testing, and data processing. The Consortium for School Networking encourages schools to form partnerships and use cloud services “outside of district walls.”

  4. How To Get Staff Buy-In For The As-A-Service Model

    Almost daily, Business Solutions magazine hears from industry experts and from subscribers that to survive in the channel, a business must find a way to build a predictable revenue stream and maximize profitability. For changes in your business to result in success, however, everyone has to support the transition.

  5. VAR Finds New Applications For Smart Printers

    Jon Cassell of SmartReceipt lists a variety of applications across multiple verticals that use smart printers.

  6. Government IT News For VARs — December 4, 2013

    This week, analysts forecast growth in the disaster recovery services market, and a DDoS protection services survey reveals companies prefer a having a service provider to stop distributed denial-of-service attacks, with response time backed by an SLA.

  7. Government IT News For VARs — November 21, 2013

    This week’s news includes new approaches to procurement, sobering statistics from a survey of government cybersecurity professionals, and the pros and cons of body-worn cameras for law enforcement.

  8. Recommended VAR Reading: The Challenger Sale

    I read The Challenger Sale about a year ago and have been testing its principles and techniques whenever I can. I think the business-to-business sales methods taught in this book are the real deal and could have a significant impact on VAR organizations as they strive to be trusted advisors.

  9. Peer-To-Peer: Don’t Leave Money On The Table

    One VAR tells you that if you look only at the immediate need, you might be missing other opportunities throughout the customer’s organization.

  10. Old School Solutions Providers Need A Renaissance ... Or Retirement

    Sometimes I wonder if I sound like a broken record to readers. “Expand your line card by selling complementary technologies to existing customers. Adopt the as-a-Service model to build a predictable revenue stream and maximize profitability.” When you boil down almost every article in Business Solutions, you should find one or both of those messages.