1. How To Keep Your Customers Protected From Constantly Changing Ransomware

    If you’re old enough to remember 1989, you might recall two key events: the Berlin Wall came down, and the first ransomware attack appeared on the scene. This was the AIDs Trojan horse, which, upon installation, encrypted users’ files and demanded $189 be sent to a post office box in Panama to “renew the license.”

  2. Cardknox Cloud-Based EMV Quick-Start Guide

    The introduction of EMV in the United States has impacted ISV’s that wish to upgrade their systems to the secure EMV standard.

  3. How An ISV Can Switch Payment Processors

    For ISVs, the decision to switch payment processors can be stressful, not only a risky choice but one requiring extensive research on behalf of the ISV in order to find a reputable provider. Before making the move, ISVs need to examine their current payment offering and determine what their future goals and objectives are to help increase the overall success of their business.

  4. How To Get The Balance Of Performance & Flexibility In A Virtual Environment

    The age of virtualization is upon us. A majority of IT professionals believe all network services will be virtualized in the coming years and agree finding a workable network virtualization solution is either important or business critical.

  5. Software Logic Helps Best Choice Software Acquire New Business And Expand Their Global Reach

    Established in 1999, Best Choice Software (www.bestchoicesoftware. com) provides users worldwide with a stock trading tool, training, and workshops to help traders be successful. The software trading tool has proved its value and success by performing well through all types of markets. Ultimately, the unique quality of Best Choice Software helps users analyze trading principals, seasonality, and cycle trading.

  6. The Four Cornerstones Of A Comprehensive Software Monetization Strategy

    This paper focuses on how software publishers can transform their software monetization strategies by evolving their approach to licensing, entitlement management, and customer enablement in order to optimize the profitability of their software.

  7. Beyond SaaS: Thinking Of Hardware In A Whole New Way

    The explosive growth of software as a service (SaaS) is one of the great stories of the modern world economy, and it has proven the tremendous power of the Internet as a transformative technology. SaaS is continuing to grow at a healthy clip—well into double digits—and conversations with IT buyers representing small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) suggest the future holds more of the same. Sixty-nine percent of survey respondents expect to increase their use of cloud-based technology in the next three years.

  8. Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency And Resource Management

    As the channel continues to evolve and grow, it’s more important than ever resellers position themselves as trusted partners to their end-user customers so they can further build successful relationships. By Paul Constantine, President, ScanSource POS and Barcode

  9. Why We Embraced Open Source For Our Database Needs After A Decade Working With Proprietary Solutions

    For our business, delivering after-market support and supply chain solutions in the electronics industry, it pays to be organized. By Steve Sharpe, Application Architect, Teleplan

  10. Commitment To Partnership

    The payments industry is changing incredibly fast. Every day brings more complexity, new products and emerging players. Now more than ever, it is important to choose a payments partner wisely.