1. Why Adopt A Hybrid Break-Fix-And-Recurring-Revenue Business Model?

    IT businesses keep growing with technology and often change strategies to improve revenue and sustain themselves in the market. To attract customers and get a win over competitors, they keep experimenting with various revenue models. For instance, the IT service industry doesn’t provide only support services to customers but also offer a range of end-to-end IT solutions to expand their businesses.

  2. Understanding The ROI Of Managed Patching For Both MSPs And Their Customers

    As long as there are hackers willing to exploit software vulnerabilities and security breaches, patching will continue to be a critical element of the package offered by managed service providers (MSPs) to small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

  3. So You Want To Become A Managed Service Provider?

    Four essential requirements for building and running a profitable managed services business.

  4. Evaluating RMM Solutions: Three Key Criteria For Growth-Oriented MSPs

    Scalability is essential to the profitable growth of any managed services business. To support hundreds customers and potentially thousands of devices leanly, efficiently and responsively, managed service providers (MSPs) need access to remote monitoring and management (RMM) capabilities such as task automation, remote controls, detailed activity reporting and more.

  5. The Growing Importance Of A BYOD Policy — In Light Of The Growing Number Of Devices

    It seems like the phrase BYOD, short for “bring your own device,” has scarcely caught on, and now we’re in the position of needing another. Indeed, with the announcement of the eminently expected Apple Watch and the various and multifarious forms of Android Wear, it seems that wearable technology is finally ready to have its day in the sun.

  6. Internet Of Things: Hype Or Opportunity For Resellers?

    With the emergence of a new technology, hype often precedes true value. This fact could not be any more apparent than in the case of the Internet of Things (IoT). However, despite the hype, the opportunity offered by IoT is real. With myriad solutions available and no centralized distribution method or recognized central authority, the industry is ripe for resellers looking to bring order to the chaos.

  7. 3 Fundamental Elements Of Success In Managed IT Services

    The managed services model is a true godsend for IT integrators and clients alike. It affords much-needed financial stability through predictable, recurring revenue and provides an all-encompassing support platform for end clients. However, the MSP business model is only effective when it is well executed.

  8. 5 Warnings About Jurisdiction And Cloud Storage

    Technology and law are two things that can never seem to get on the same page. Technology moves at such a rapid pace that the law can never seem to catch up. Now, mix in the advent of cloud storage and the complexities begin to mount. Cloud storage has spurned a global phenomenon where your clients data can be housed anywhere in the world. Without even knowing it, your clients data stored in the cloud can be subject to local, national and even international laws.

  9. Five Reasons Why You Should Partner With Mercury

    Grow your business —  Mercury® is committed to jointly acquiring merchants with you by providing sales and marketing support as well as incentives and rewards.

  10. Enterprise Labeling: An Imperative For The Electronics Industry

    The electronics industry today is characterized by an ever-sprawling set of global supply chains, causing an increase in disparate labeling systems spread across the enterprise with an ever increasing volume of duplicated label and redundant master data. This begs the question: how effective is labeling in the electronics industry today?  Can labeling be more optimized for large corporations with thousands of printers around the world?

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