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  1. The Importance Of Connecting Schools To First Responders With Tech Solutions

    School security continues to be an increasingly important issue. Parents, teachers, administrators, and the U.S. government all have recognized the need to improve our schools’ current security measures.

  2. Education IT News For VARs — May 19, 2014

    In the news, some schools struggling with inadequate Internet service and outdated computers are cutting technology investments instead of upgrading. Also, a school in Kentucky uses data analysis to place students at the appropriate grade level. In addition, an article tells how STEM program classrooms can benefit from 3D printers.

  3. Education IT News For VARs — May 12, 2014

    In the news, the Big Data and Privacy Working Group makes recommendations to the president, including protecting students from inappropriately shared data. Also, articles list technologies schools can’t afford to ignore and how technology can enhance special-needs classes.

  4. Education IT News – May 6, 2014

    Technology continues to make waves in classrooms across the country, predicting future job markets, increasing security measures, and identifying new education frontier. However, privacy concerns halt the data-driven company InBloom and bring the parameters of educational technology to question.

  5. Education IT News For VARs — April 28, 2014

    In the news, and educational software company closes over student privacy issues, and the Gates Foundation surveyed teacher and students to see what they want from digital instruction tools. Also a Sudbury, NJ, school moved forward with cloud-based technology that provides a live video feed of schools to police—at the urging of a Sandy Hook victim’s parent.

  6. Education IT News For VARs — April 21, 2014

    The news includes an article that examines the question of the best uses for student data without infringing on student privacy. In other stories, technology is part of the plan to avert a potential achievement gap in schools across California, and 15 years after the tragedy at Columbine High School, school security remains a top concern in the nation.

  7. Education IT News — April 14, 2014

    Following the Pennsylvania school stabbings, schools continues to seek better safety procedures and technology to protect students. Additionally, government and entrepreneurs receive a boost in funding to further the presence of technology in classrooms.

  8. Security, Mobility Create Opportunities For Solutions Providers In Education

    Business Solutions 2014 Partner Program Insider gave industry experts the opportunity to share their opinions on the top opportunities in the education vertical. According to BSM editor-in-chief Mike Monocello, “Their responses can be boiled down into two main categories: keeping an eye on people and assets and getting computers into the hands of students.”

  9. Common Mistakes Solutions Providers Make In The Education Vertical

    Along with their responses to questions for the Business Solutions 2014 Partner Program Insider industry experts listed what they believe are the most common mistakes VARs, MSPs, integrators, and software developers make in the education vertical.

  10. You Have To Study The Education IT Market To Make A Sale

    Business Solutions magazine interviewed industry experts for the Business Solutions 2014 Partner Program Insider article on the top opportunities for solutions providers in the education vertical. In addition, BSM asked their opinions on the current health of the education market from a potential IT spend perspective.Their responses show that to answer this question, you have to define which part of the market and which time of year you’re referring to — unless you’re talking about security.

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