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  1. Education IT News Roundup For VARs — July 23, 2014

    Common Core Standards face complications as the American Federation of Teachers come down on the benchmarks. A technology initiative puts thousands of laptops and tablets in schools, and local-area middle school students are invited to the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University to learn more about technology and information science.

  2. The Demand For IT In Education Moves Beyond Hardware

    Education technology hardware spending around the world is expected to reach $19 billion by 2018. News is even better for the “smart education and learning” market, with this area forecast to grow from $121.53 billion in 2014 to $344.94 billion in 2019.

  3. Ingram Micro, Pearson Collaboration Enables VARs To Be A Single Source Of IT For Schools

    Ingram Micro has expanded its K-12 solutions portfolio to include Pearson’s digital learning solutions. Pearson creates solutions that enable educators to leverage data to improve teaching and learning, and Ingram Micro channel partners can now create customized offerings to meet the individual learning needs of schools and districts.

  4. Education IT News For VARs — July 14, 2014

    Technology continues to seek a balance between efficiency and unnecessary complications in classrooms across the country. Wearable technology breaks onto the scene to enhance learning, as 3D printers make a memorable impression among students.

  5. What Are Digital Signage Applications in Education?

    MarketsandMarkets released a research report on the market for digital signage hardware, software, application, and products, forecasting that the total market is anticipated to grow to $14,876 million by 2020.  This is an estimated CAGR of 8.94 percent from 2014 to 2020.

  6. Businesses Find Opportunities In Adaptive Learning

    When computers are used as interactive teaching devices, the computers can adapt the curriculum to best fit the needs of the student, typically determined through their responses to specific questions and how they perform tasks presented to them. The drive behind adaptive or personalized learning is an attempt to turn the student into more than just a passive recipient of knowledge and more into a participant in the entire learning process.

  7. Universities Embrace Technology To Deliver MOOCs

    Universities across the nation are facing more challenges than ever before. According to Mehdi Maghsoodnia of University Business, shrinking budgets are contrasted with higher costs and aging facilities. The government is decreasing funding while getting more involved from a regulatory standpoint. Demand is up, enrollment is unpredictable, and graduation rates are down. Schools are fighting for ways to cope, retain students, and help them graduate on time.

  8. ConnectED Hub Links Schools With Technology Companies

    Since taking office, one of President Barack Obama’s focuses has been preparing America’s students for the challenges they can expect to face in an age of global technology. The fact that millions of students nationwide do not have access to high-speed broadband makes it difficult to compete worldwide.

  9. Education IT News For VARs — July 7, 2014

    Student data continues to make headlines: privacy remains a top concern despite technological advances. Biometrics could replace plastic ID cards on college campuses, and Louisiana moves forward with a student data bill that collects information on all public school students.

  10. EdTech Spending Increases: Display Devices In Demand

    Global spending on education technology within the classroom reached U.S. $13 billion last year — up 11 percent from 2012, according to a market study from Futuresource Consulting cited in Market Watch. The study relates a significant increase in the mobile PC market, with classroom display devices — such as projectors and interactive whiteboards (IWBs) — and complementary devices — such as visualizers, voice amplification, and related devices.

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