Featured Field Service Articles

  1. Supreme Court Ruling Says GPS Tracking Is A Search And Requires A Warrant

    The Supreme Court ruled government use of GPS trackers is a search and therefore requires a warrant, according to its ruling on Torrey Dale Grady v. North Carolina. In a short, but unanimous ruling, the Court clarified how the Fourth Amendment interacts with the expanding technological capabilities of the federal government.

  2. Survey Finds Transportation And Logistics Believe IoT Will Be “Most Strategic Initiative”

    A study conducted by Zebra Technologies Corporation finds 96 percent of surveyed transportation and logistics (T&L) companies agree the Internet of Things (IoT) is the most strategic technological initiative their organizations will undertake this decade. In fact, enterprises in key industries around the world are utilizing IoT solutions to “arm themselves” with the real-time data and intelligence.

  3. Look At TCO When Selecting Devices For Field Service

    Total cost of ownership (TCO) can shed some light on the right choice between consumer and rugged tablets for field service.

  4. Video Solutions Have ROI In Field Service

    Video solutions for surveillance and intelligence are gaining popularity in field service.

  5. Field Service IT News For VARs 2-18-15: IT Services And The IoT

    In the news, the Internet of Things (IoT) relies on IT services to function and a good mobile solution can help a company create a more dynamic field workforce.

  6. Field Service IT News For VARs 2-11-15: 3PL Market’s Growth Linked To Tech Advances

    In the news, SaaS’ impact on third-party logistics (3PL), net neutrality could play a part in the supply chain market, and the effects the cloud is expected to have on the field service industry.

  7. Have You Considered Selling Mobile Routers For School Bus Hotspots?

    The Coachella Valley Unified District in Salton City, CA, implemented mobile routers on a few of its school busses, creating a mobile hotspot for kids to connect to the Internet, something many lack at home in the district, according to Education Week.

  8. Field Service IT News For VARs 2-4-15: The Benefits Of Context-Aware Solutions, Rugged Devices, And GPS Tracking

    This week’s Field Service Roundup spotlights how a Phoenix company used GPS to help coordinate and track personnel at the Super Bowl, six rugged mobile device features that field service technicians feel they need, and how to increase the value of your fleet through social media.

  9. FMCSA On Track To Initiate E-Log Mandates

    There are a number of projected rule changes by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for 2015, including the electronic logging device mandate, according to CCJDigital.

  10. Field Service IT News For VARs — January 28, 2015

    This week’s news includes the resources offered on the new Equipment Leasing and Financing Association website, the January 2015 Monthly Confidence Index for the equipment finance industry — the highest in three years — and how RFID technology is helping fleets save money.