Featured Field Service Articles

  1. Field Service IT News — March 13, 2014

    Articles this week explore the benefits of wearable technology in field service and how fleet managers face ever-increasing challenges keeping drivers connected to their networks.

  2. Field Service IT News — March 10, 2014

    GPS technology recently played a role in the recovery of stolen trailers. Also in the news, Cook County, IL, approved the use of an automated vehicle locations system for real-time tracking of county vehicles, as well as performance data collection.

  3. Field Service IT News For VARs — February 26, 2014

    Technology continually propels field service efficiency forward, which is readily apparent at the Mobile World Congress. In other news, data and analytics are helping to cut costs, legislators continue to look at the use and distribution of GPS data, and a company that implemented e-logging shares some benefits of the technology.

  4. Field Service IT News For VARs — February 18, 2014

    In the news, 2013 ended with increased M&A activity, snow plow fleets are finding value in GPS tracking this winter, and diesel prices are forecast — now a little higher — for 2014 at $3.83. 

  5. Data Collection and Mobility News From January 2014

    Each month, Business Solutions reports news on business in the channel. This month in Data Collection and Mobility news, Panasonic releases a new fully rugged tablet, TEKLYNX launches TEKLYNX CENTRAL 4.0, and AML introduces a new rugged, wireless handheld terminal.

  6. Field Service IT News For VARs — February 11, 2014

    The news includes reports of how mobile is revolutionizing field service this week and throughout 2014. From new apps to collecting payments, fleet managers turn to mobile technology to increase efficiency and organize data. Also, field service can leverage data to continually evolve processes and maintain effective fleet management.

  7. Field Service IT News – February 4, 2014

    This week, a report shows the GPS fleet management market is still growing and the FMCSA will propose a rule that includes mandating ELDs. Also, the new generation of workers, #GenMobile, is adequately prepped for the latest IT trends and expecting to use technology as they take on field service jobs.

  8. Field Service IT News For VARs — January 28, 2014

    Field Service IT News includes predictions that 2014 will see trends including profit-driven analytics, increased M2M communication, leveraging mobile apps, and growth of rugged mobility and cloud-based services.

  9. Field Service IT News — January 21, 2014

    Field Service IT proves that businesses are only as strong as their data, as the most recent push is made to integrate information across platforms. The news includes how a combination of mobile, cloud, and Big Data can benefit your customers. Also, the EIA predicts oil production in the U.S. will rise by 48 percent by 2019.

  10. Six Questions That Will Lead To Better Consumables Sales

    Scott Robnett, director of interactive services for Imprint Enterprises, says regular communication is key to consumables sales. Business Solutions recently interviewed Robnett for the article “Edge Out Competitors With A Complete Cloud-Based Mobile Solution.” He points out it is easy for companies to compare prices and order standard or stocked consumables, but they will be less likely to look into ordering on their own if you stay in touch.

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