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  1. Disruptions From Cyberattack At White House Caused By Containment Efforts

    In the latest data breach to hit the headlines, hackers who may have been working for the Russian government managed to breach unclassified Executive Office of the President (EOP) computer networks at the White House, causing disruptions as attempts were made to secure the computers and related data, according to IT News.

  2. Government IT News For VARs — November 5, 2014

    In news this week, a Pew Study finds the impact of cyberattacks could worsen by 2025, and inspectors identified flawed federal cloud contract procedures. Also, the Veterans Administration (VA) is buckling down on cybersecurity and program management.

  3. New OMB Guidance Empowers DHS To Scan Civilian Networks Regularly

    The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has released guidance that gives The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) the authority to scan unclassified civilian systems and addresses for cyber threats, in part due to the agency’s recent inability to quickly respond to malware attacks like Heartbleed and Shellshock, according to FedTech Magazine.

  4. New Policies Could Prevent Law Enforcement From Accessing Mobile Device Data

    Director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation James Comey’s recent appearance on CBS News’ 60 Minutes provided a look at the conflict brewing between the FBI and mobile device manufacturers. Comey explains that data on Apple’s iPhone and, in the future, devices running Android can contain data that is inaccessible by law enforcement.

  5. Government IT News For VARs — October 29, 2014

    Ebola is still topping the news this week: a new online community hopes to develop new innovations to aid in the fight against the disease.

  6. CEA Publishes Accessibility Resource Center

    The Consumer Electronics Association has announced that it has published a new Accessibility Resource Center, which is a resource guide available to members of CEA to help them understand and meet the new federal accessibility requirements, according to a press release.

  7. Government IT News For Vars — October 22, 2014

    In news this week, a new sandworm vulnerability has been identified and patched, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has a new high-tech concept car, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has released an updated smartphone app to track child predators.

  8. “Show Me The Money” Tool Can Help VARs Demonstrate Potential Savings

    In light of the recent changes in Federal Government procurement policies and requirements, vendors might be interested in a new tool offered by MeriTalk. This tool can help agencies (and IT solutions providers) assess how much money they are currently saving — and could be saving in the future — based on policies of consolidation, virtualization, and cloud computing. 

  9. Government IT News For VARs — October 15, 2014

    In news this week, the White House is asking for advice on privacy technology, tech execs warn of surveillance’s negative effects, and new guidance allows the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to conduct regular scans of civilian networks, and technology is being drafted into the war on Ebola.

  10. Losses After Cyberattack Can Devastate Your Clients

    USIS’s contracts with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management ended Sept. 30, 2014, and they were not renewed, eliminating more than 2,500 jobs, The Washington Post reports. The company, which had provided the majority of background checks for federal security clearances, was the victim of a cyberattack in August.

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