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  1. Cisco Study Sheds Light On Best Tech Investments For Your Retail IT Clients

    Cisco’s fifth annual retail consumer survey reveals an expectation of “hyper-relevance,” a shopping experience that lets consumers have what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. And your merchant IT clients are feeling pressure to provide the best possible customer experience to stay competitive. Part of the system that enables hyper-relevance is real-time analytics to gain insights and using those insights to build infrastructure to support a plan for tailoring customer experience.

  2. Answers Report Provides Insights For VARs Serving Retail

    Answers Corporation, a provider of cloud-based voice of customer solutions and owner of the Internet brand Answers.com, has released of The Answers Experience Index (AXI): 2014 U.S. Retail Edition.

  3. Cisco Infographic: How Technologies You Sell Can Enhance Customer Experience

    Cisco offers an infographic that shows solutions that will help your retail IT customers stay relevant in the “Internet of Everything” (IoE) era. Sharing data from the white paper “Winning the New Digital Consumer with Hyper-Relevance,” the infographic provides data on consumer’s interest in IoE solutions in three categories of “savings,” “engagement,” and “efficiency.”

  4. Retail IT News For VARS 2-9-15: New Patent Reform Legislation

    In the news, new patent reform legislation has been introduced, there is speculation Samsung could introduce a mobile wallet, and an author shares best practices for dealing with point of sale (POS) system malware attacks.

  5. Mobile Wallets: What Does The Future Hold?

    Craig Tieken VP of product implementations for TransFirst answers Business Solutions’ questions about the increase in consumer interest in mobile wallets since the announcement of Apple Pay — and the drivers that will move this technology forward. Tieken also suggests educating your merchant clients on the advantages of semi-integrated solutions.  

  6. Educate Your Merchant IT Clients On EMV-Migration Timelines — And The Risks Of Not Making Them

    Beatta McInerney, business development manager, payments, for ScanSource POS and Barcode, offers advice to VARs on helping their merchant clients avoid liability for credit card fraud after the October 1, 2015, liability shift date. She points out data breaches — not the liability shift — are more motivating to merchants who are transitioning to EMV-enabled systems, and reminds VARs about the time it takes to obtain an EMV terminal and how much more complex they are than magnetic stripe for merchants.  

  7. Retail IT News For VARs 2-2-15: Technologies Your Retail IT Clients Want Or Want To Integrate

    In the news, the National Retail Federation (NRF) lists technologies your merchant IT clients want to be more competitive and solutions they want to integrate to be more efficient. Also, brick-and-mortar retailers are leveraging technology to compete with e-commerce. Articles also deal with the ongoing problem of point of sale (POS) malware, and a prediction that multitouch screen kiosks will become a trend in brick-and-mortar stores.

  8. Creditcall CEO: IT Solutions Providers Need To Be Trusted Counselors In EMV Migration Process

    Lars Pedersen, Creditcall’s new CEO, answers Business Solutions’ questions on progress in the U.S. toward EMV adoption, challenges IT solutions providers are facing, and resources available to solutions providers.  

  9. Best Quotes From The Day 3 Reseller Forum At RSPA INSPIRE 2015

    Day 3 at the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) INSPIRE 2015 Conference in Maui kicked off with an open-forum discussion among the nearly 100 retail IT channel executives in attendance. Led by RSPA solutions provider board members Mike Seymour, COO at Postec in Atlanta, and Bob Bauer, president at BMC POS in Michigan, the half-hour session produced some memorable insights.

  10. Heath, INSPIRE 2015 Attendees Discuss VAR Salesperson Challenges

    I was fortunate to participate in a very interesting exercise this morning at the RSPA INSPIRE 2015 Conference. Chip Heath, the event’s featured presenter, facilitated a workshop among the 100+ channel executives in attendance focusing on how solutions providers must train their salespeople to become consultative partners, not just hardware pushers.

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