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  1. Survey Points To Leveraging Mobile In Healthcare

    A report from The Economist Intelligence Unit, takes a look at the impact of mobile technology across the international healthcare environment. It involves a survey of 144 industry leaders in both public and private healthcare, biotech, pharma, and medical devices. Some of the highlights you will find most interesting are below.

  2. The Future Of EHR: The Vendor’s Perspective

    Advisory.com addresses post-implementation strategy, the implications for IT, layers of optimal EHR (electronic health records) use, and other topics in their informative interview with Dr. Glenn Tobin, CEO of Crimson.

  3. AAFP: EHRs Are Failing Your Healthcare IT Clients And Their Patients

    Physicians have been heavily impacted by the advent of electronic health records, and one of their premier professional organizations has taken the stance that the industry-changing technology is doing them a disservice.

  4. Healthcare IT News For VARs 2-13-15: Anthem Breach Likely Started 9 Months Ago

    In this week’s news, China is named as the source of Anthem data breach, and the U.S. Senate considers a data encryption mandate.

  5. MSP Differentiates His Business With HIPAA, SMB Security, Expands Partner Program

    “Security is the place to focus on now and in the future,” advises Art Gross, president and CEO of HIPAA Secure Now! “It’s not going away.” The company launched a partner program — now with about 160 partners — who offered feedback that their clients outside the healthcare vertical could benefit from a similar service. In March, Gross’ company will launch Breach Secure Now!, a general, security-based compliance service for SMBs.

  6. FDA Makes Recommendations For “Low Risk” Health Technologies

    The wearables market has been largely unregulated up to this point, but IT solutions providers in the mHealth niche will want to keep an eye on some recent moves made by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  7. Reasons Doctors Won’t Attest To MU Stage 2 Are Opportunities To Provide Solutions

    A survey of the social network for doctors, SERMO, has revealed that 55 percent of physicians don’t plan to attest for Stage 2 Meaningful Use in 2015, according to HealthData Management.

  8. Top Tech Trends Of 2015 And Their Impact On Your Healthcare IT Clients

    The Institute Of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has released its list of top tech trends for 2015.

  9. $4.1 Billion Reasons Security Is In The Healthcare Spotlight

    While 2014 might have been a year plagued by security breaches, 2015 is bound to be a year where security in the industry gets new emphasis.

  10. Healthcare IT News For VARs 2-6-15: Draft Interoperability Road Map

    In this week’s news, the ONC releases a draft road map to interoperability in 2017, and CMS concedes to modify EHR program requirements.

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