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  1. HIMSS Cloud Survey Reveals Healthcare Users’ Issues With ROI, Security

    The Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) released its 2014 Analytics Cloud Survey last month (available for free download here). Cloud services are an increasingly common solution for healthcare organizations trying to navigate tighter margins because of industry and regulatory changes. These same organizations, however, are simultaneously facing increased security threats and tighter regulations around the protection of patient data.

  2. Healthcare IT News For VARs — July 3, 2014

    In the news this week, specialty EMR offerings are expanding, and PCs are still dominating EHR viewing platforms.

  3. The Cloud: Taking Healthcare Clients To The Next Level

    The cloud is everywhere, in more ways than one. HIMSS Analytics just released its 2014 Cloud Survey, and one of the biggest takeaways was that 80 percent of respondents were already using cloud-based services. Great news for an industry that tends to lag on technology, but where does that leave MSPs who are looking for new ways to sell their clients on the cloud?

  4. What Healthcare Clients Need In Patient Flow Automation Solutions

    As the healthcare environment continues to be transformed by both internal and external forces, your clients will no longer be able to rely on staff cuts and service reductions to reduce costs. Every day, efficiency and effectiveness will mean more, as reimbursement models shift to more of a basis on quality of care.

  5. What Should A Patient Portal Look Like?

    When dealing with your clients, it’s essential to remember that ultimately, any technology solution they implement is actually about the patient. This is especially true in healthcare, which is why industry moves toward patient-centered care have gotten so much attention. In the past, patient interaction with the industry was limited to time with clinicians and paying actual bills, but as time progresses, we’re seeing a push toward more patient-driven tech initiatives. One of those getting attention as of late, is the patient portal.

  6. Senate Committee Asks: What Is The Best Use For Healthcare Data?

    Healthcare may traditionally lag behind when it comes to technology, but the importance of, and vulnerabilities around healthcare data have pushed it to the forefront of the data transparency discussion.

  7. Healthcare IT News For VARs — June 27, 2014

    In this week’s news, data breaches affect 1.3 million in Montana, and the FDA uses EHR data to monitor drug safety.

  8. VAR Best Practices Can Boost Client Satisfaction With Healthcare IT

    Any healthcare solutions provider worth their salt knows that the customer experience can make or break the success of an IT system. The most sophisticated software means very little if the solution doesn’t fit in with clinical and operational needs or if facility staff aren’t properly trained.

  9. Healthcare Construction And Tech: Why VARs Should Care

    Construction has a reputation of lagging even further behind on technological innovation than healthcare. A boom in the meeting of the two though, has brought about advancements new to both industries — most notably, Building Information Modeling (BIM).

  10. HHS And The Future Of Telemedicine Regulations

    Telemedicine will inevitably play a large part in the future of healthcare. As with any other innovation in the industry though, much of its growth and success will depend on regulations around technology and reimbursement, and how agencies respond to industry needs. It’s important for solutions providers to understand the financial incentives (or disincentives) behind any technology offerings they make to clients.

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