Featured Healthcare Content

  1. Health IT Standards Committee Accepting New Members

    With the advent of ACOs, HIEs, and the ever-increasing importance of data in the healthcare landscape, the impact of federal oversight on the healthcare industry can only be expected to increase.

  2. News For IT Solutions Providers: HIMSS Responds To MU 3

    As we near the start of Meaningful Use 3, more organizations and entities are taking advantage of the U.S.

  3. CMS Seeks Provider To Build Provider Compliance Reporting System

    Healthcare fraud has been an increasingly difficult thorn in the government’s side —annually it faces costs of $60 to $90 billion in fraudulent Medicare activity.

  4. Apple Watch App Takes On Cancer

    Chemotherapy patients in London are being sent home with Apple Watches — all in the name of one of the newest advancements in mHealth.

  5. New Bill Could Mean Penalties For HIT Vendors That Don’t Meet Data-Sharing Standards

    A draft bill intended to encourage the development of new medical treatments might mean increased penalties for EHR (electron health records) vendors.

  6. Healthcare Organizations Are Grossly Underutilizing Data Analytics

    Vendors offering data analytics solutions should pay attention to the gap between the current use of data analytics and the potential that the innovation holds for healthcare organizations.

  7. Healthcare: 125 Percent Increase In Cyberattacks Since 2010

    The bad news around security in healthcare continues, just after the announcement of Seton Health’s phishing scam attack.

  8. Home Health Tech Users To Reach 78 Million By 2020

    mHealth is seeing an emerging leader in the form of home health technologies.

  9. Kalorama Report: There’s Still A Healthy Market For EMR

    Kalorama has released its 8th annual report on the EMR market.

  10. Telemedicine Solutions Can Help First Responders Decrease Unnecessary Hospital Admissions

    First responders in Texas are using telemedicine to classify real emergencies and cut back on unnecessary hospital admissions.

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