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  1. Doctor Video Consultations Are On The Rise

    Telecom leaders gather to discuss increase of doctor video consultations.

  2. Business Advice: Exhibit "Technology Humility"

    It’s easy for solutions providers to get caught thinking they’re smarter and better than their customers. However, just because you have more IT knowledge than your customers, doesn’t mean you’re better. Have some humility. That was the advice of Jason Etheridge, president and CEO of Logic Speak, who spoke at the recently held GFI MAX Customer Conference in Orlando. During his presentation on technology humility, he provided a handful of tips for solutions providers...

  3. Healthcare IT News For VARs — September 12, 2014

    In the news this week, Healthcare.gov was reported hacked. Also, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announce end-to-end testing dates, and electronic health records (EHRs) are costing doctors precious time.

  4. Hospitals Turn Focus To Data Warehousing, Data Mining

    The use of data warehousing, and in turn, data mining, are important steps in harnessing the power of healthcare data to create truly patient-centered care environments. According to an HIMSS sponsored presentation at the Smart VAR Healthcare Summit, only 43 percent of hospitals were using advanced data warehousing in 2013.

  5. Patient Data Loss Is A Problem In The Majority Of U.S. Hospitals

    The healthcare industry has seen more data breaches than the military and banking sectors combined.

  6. Ambulatory Healthcare Providers Are Replacing Their EMR Systems

    While providers overall are happy with their current EMR systems and show little sign of replacing them or changing vendors, a new report from KLAS, reveals that the trend within the ambulatory services niche is much different.

  7. CMS Extends EHR Deadline

    The Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services (CMS) issued their final ruling on EHRs on Friday, Sept. 5, 2014. Because of their decision, more providers will likely be able to meet Meaningful Use standards and qualify for incentives in 2014, thanks to a one-year extension in the deadline.

  8. iPhone 6 Includes Mobile Wallet, HealthKit App

    Also unveiled, Apple Watch, which measures biometric information to feed into Apple’s HealthKit service and Health app.

  9. Only 34% Of Hospitals Have Implemented Health Information Exchanges

    The Office Of The National Coordinator recently released a report on the state of health information exchange (HIE) adoption and trends among providers. Overall, the report demonstrated a growth in exchange activity, but also demonstrated a need for growth in multiple areas, specifically among hospitals, of which only 34 percent have implemented HIE.

  10. How Robotic Imaging Can Advance Telehealth

    Telemedicine holds much promise for the healthcare industry, but also many challenges. Innovation continues to push the field forward though — most recently with two studies focused on the application and effects of the use of robotics in imaging.

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