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  1. Report: Analytics In Healthcare “No Longer A Hypothetical Scenario”

    A report on analytics in healthcare from CDW Healthcare contains valuable information for services providers working in the area of analytics. The report addresses the shifting state of analytics in the industry — a state that is moving past a point of hypotheticals and projections and into a time where questions around application and benefit must be answered.

  2. Report On Advanced Cloud Topics Addresses State Of HIT

    As the cloud and surrounding technology mature, healthcare will find itself following suit.

  3. Americans Are Ready For Digital Health — Are Your Healthcare IT Clients?

    In a world of increasingly patient-centered care and regulations, healthcare entities can’t afford to ignore the preferences and behavior patterns of their customers and neither can IT solutions providers. This is especially true when the question is around behaviors and attitudes toward IT in the health space.

  4. Study: Patients Would Change Healthcare Providers Over Security Concerns

    Medical identity theft is the topic of a recent Ponemon Institute study (available for free, by request, here).

  5. ONC Issues E-Prescribing Guide

    In response to the rise in the use of electronic prescribing, the Office Of The National Coordinator (ONC) has released the guide, “A Prescription for e-Prescribers: Getting the Most Out of Electronic Prescribing,” to help your healthcare IT clients manage medication.

  6. Literature Review: Do Patient Portals Meet MU Needs?

    As patient portals continue to grow in their importance and functionality, it is important to ask whether they are accomplishing what’s most important in terms of benefits to all stakeholders involved.

  7. CDC Reports On EHR Use In The Emergency Department

    While EHR (electronic health records) adoption overall is slowing, past growth patterns in EHR adoption in hospital emergency departments (EDs) and outpatient departments (OPDs) might give interested vendors insight into an area of potential current growth, and a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides a look at those numbers.

  8. Researchers Use Small Devices To Monitor Chronic Conditions

    With all the advances the medical device industry has seen, ease of use is a relatively new focus. Researchers from the University Of Michigan are making advances with small, medical devices that will be useable by patients with a wide range of skill levels.

  9. Navicure ICD-10 Survey Shows Mixed Results And Worries Over Payers

    As the industry continues to ready itself for the implementation of ICD-10, more surveys are being conducted to gauge the attitudes and readiness of healthcare entities around the country. The most recent of these was conducted by Navicure, and is the third in a series focused on physician practices, with multiple specialties and practice sizes were represented.

  10. AJMC Works To Measure The Value Of Health IT

    Relating the value of health IT to your clients can be difficult.

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