Featured Healthcare Content

  1. Why Your Health IT Clients Could Be Slow To Move To New Technologies

    Medical technology has reached a point where you can do a cardiogram, examine a child’s eardrum, diagnose skin rashes, even refract your eyes, all with a smartphone, and according to Dr. Eric Topol, that’s just the beginning.

  2. Details And Insight For VARs: Medical Devices And Security Risk

    Medical devices are key targeted pivot points when it comes to cyberattacks. They are an area of notable vulnerability for all hospitals and healthcare networks that gives attackers the ability to inject malicious software and eventually remotely control your clients’ medical equipment.

  3. Top Apps For Your Physician IT Clients

    Healthcare Global has released a list of apps for physicians, and some align well with the solutions you provide. Here is a list of the six apps that pair well with the products and services you offer healthcare providers.

  4. A New World Of Healthcare Transformation: Interoperability And Connected Devices

    A new body of research from Frost & Sullivan examines the relationship between connected devices, interoperability, and the transformation of healthcare delivery. Their recently released preview report examines some of the highlights from the research.

  5. Demographic Use Of Health IT Aligns With Overall Tech Trends … Is The Same True For How To Increase Use?

    “Patient mix” is an incredibly important term in healthcare, and a concept that too frequently gets overlooked. As Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 3 (with its emphasis on patient engagement) progresses, your clients won’t be able to afford to continue that mistake.

  6. How To Help Your Health IT Clients Address Meaningful Use 3 With Beacon Technology

    As the healthcare industry shifts, many hospitals are left facing the triple threat of rising costs, increased security risks, and federal mandates to move to value-based care models.

  7. Verizon Tells How To Minimize Data Breaches And Risk For Your Health IT Clients

    Verizon touts an overarching goal of “absolute connectedness anywhere,” but what does that mean for your clients, and how can you help them address similar goals? Suzanne Widup, senior analyst with Verizon, gives some insight into those questions in a Health IT Outcomes podcast from HIMSS15. 

  8. Business Solutions Announces Keynote Speaker For Smart VAR Healthcare Summit In Dallas

    Shahid Shah, known as the “The Healthcare IT Guy,” will deliver a keynote address at the Smart VAR Healthcare Summit, powered by ScanSource and Business Solutions. The event will be held August 11 at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel.

  9. Helping Your Health IT Clients Prepare For Coming Revenue Cycle Changes

    The healthcare industry has been so deeply focused on EHR (electronic health records) and associated government programs, that many areas essential to organizational well-being have gone overlooked.

  10. Baby Wearables: Ushering In First Generation Of Cradle-To-Grave Users?

    Wearables have entered the maternity ward and your hospital IT clients might want to make note. The world of wearables has extended deeper into the lives of patients, possibly kicking off a new generation of cradle-to-grave wearable users.