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  1. How Will The New Cybersecurity Data Sharing Bill Impact Healthcare IT?

    A new cybersecurity bill could be soon impacting healthcare IT (HIT). H.R. 1560, also known as The Protecting Cyber Networks Act (PCNA) recently passed 307 to 116 in a bipartisan vote.

  2. Telehealth Reimbursement Gets New Focus Via The Senate

    If the issue of reimbursement for telehealth solutions has been a hurdle for your healthcare IT clients, be aware that the situation is steadily changing.

  3. What IT Solutions Providers Need To Know About Healthcare And Smartphone Use

    Smartphones may be the key to reaching groups of healthcare users than other modes of communication neglect.

  4. 3D Printing Makes Strides Toward Alternative To Animal Testing

    3D printing holds myriad opportunities for solutions providers, ranging from printer software, recycling, accessories, even the printers themselves.

  5. "Unencrypted Loss" Breach Level In Healthcare Drops 20 Percent

    The managing editor of Healthcare IT News has given an overview of the state of HIT as informed by Verizon’s most recent security report, and it reflects what most in the industry already know … things are a bit all over the place.

  6. EHR Plug And Play Possible Thanks To FHIR

    Open source EHR technology might not be very far away.

  7. NFL Teams Use EHR Systems To Streamline Care

    EHRs are useful beyond just the world of hospitals and the military. Anywhere a human body is treated, they can bring benefits and innovation. This includes athletic spaces.

  8. $1 Million HHS Grant Meant To Encourage Health Information Sharing

    Your health IT clients could be candidates to apply for a recent grant offering aims to encourage interoperability at the community level.

  9. HIT Storage Challenges Addressed At HIMSS15

    One of HIMSS15’s presentations came from DataCore Software, a provider of software-defined storage. The presentation was timely — data is becoming bigger, ever more important, and ever more difficult to contain and protect.

  10. Insider Perspective On Potential IT Spend In The Health Vertical

    It’s beneficial to have the insight of insiders to understand the healthcare vertical.

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