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  1. Healthcare IT News For VARs — June 6, 2014

    In the news, the ONC reorganizes, NextGen Healthcare announces it can now transmit clinical care information between disparate technology platforms, and the partial code freeze for ICD-9 and ICD-10 is extended. Also, a second year’s worth of data on Medicare hospital utilization has been released to researchers and analysts looking for patterns in healthcare data.

  2. AHIMA Provides Breach Management Toolkit

    Healthcare has been teeming with warnings about gaps in information security, and knowledgeable professionals, both inside and outside of the industry, have responded with advice, guidelines, and general recommendations on how organizations can best protect themselves.

  3. The VA Develops Patient-Generated Data App Playbook, Best Practices

    Since last year, the Veterans Health Administration has been eyeing the idea of patient-generated data. The focus reflects an industry-wide move to go beyond data that’s centered around clinician access, and into an era where patients not only drive innovation and service, but also are heavily active in constructing their own data stories.

  4. What VARs Need To Know About Providing Biometrics ID Solutions

    If you provide access control solutions, you are certainly familiar with biometrics identification, but is providing this technology within your company’s capabilities, expandable to other areas of clients’ organizations?

  5. How Secure Are Healthcare’s Text Messages?

    The journal, Telemedicine and e-Health published a study revealing that 61 percent of pediatric doctors in the U.S. have received work-related text messages on their personal phones, and 60 percent have sent them themselves.

  6. Hospital Wi-Fi Needs Upgrading (Again)

    As the technology environment in hospitals gets more complex, Wi-Fi leads the way. Network architects are under increasing pressure, not only to keep networks adapted to advances in mobile devices, but also keep them secure and in compliance with an ever-changing regulatory environment.

  7. Healthcare IT News For VARs — May 30, 2014

    In this week’s news, the end of paper records could be imminent, and healthcare may be the site of a Target-like security breach.

  8. How Healthcare Is Leveraging Data Capture And Tracking Technologies

    You might be familiar with data analytics applications in healthcare, specifically the use of EHRs to track patient populations, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The technologies aren’t exactly new, but data capture and tracking technologies are starting to take a foothold and bring new levels of insight to healthcare providers willing to take a deeper look at the data these technologies help to collect.

  9. How Does HIPAA Apply To VARs?

    If you have a client that works with HIPAA protected data in any way, it’s in your best interest to clarify exactly what responsibilities you have as their solutions provider. This means you need a concrete understanding not only of what qualifies as a covered entity, but also, who qualifies as, and what it means to be a “business associate.”

  10. Antimicrobial Coatings And Healthcare Devices: An Emerging Innovation

    As technology plays a greater part in healthcare, more attention is being paid to how it interacts with the healthcare environment. Most specifically, how device surfaces and materials behave in terms of harboring micro-organisms. Until recently, occasional wipe-downs with external treatments were the standard method of sanitizing devices, but innovative companies have begun incorporating anti-microbial properties into device cases.

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