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  1. Telemetry Advancements Open Growth Channels For Healthcare Solutions Providers

    Remote telemedicine has been around almost 40 years. Recently though, remote monitoring of patients has experienced a boom in growth. The increase is motivated by both a shift toward more patient-focused healthcare, as well as moves toward cost-cutting across the industry. For solutions providers, this means growth in the demand for the technology and support systems around the advancement.

  2. Meaningful Use And Its Burden On VARs

    Healthcare is at a turning point. Entities ranging from individual providers to the federal government are looking for ways to cut costs, and advancements in the use of patient data have provided opportunities that didn’t before exist.

  3. Healthcare IT News For VARs — April 25, 2014

    In this week’s news, the DOD looks to industry minds for advice, and, EHR certifications reach a benchmark: more than 1000 products certified for 2014.

  4. Healthcare IT News For VARs — April 18, 2014

    In this week’s news: healthcare vendors are frustrated with the implications of another ICD-10 delay, and EHR vendors falling are behind ACO solutions providers.

  5. Healthcare IT News For VARs — April 11, 2014

    In this week’s news, GE acquires CHCA, data breaches in CA and the Smart VAR Summit approaches.

  6. ICD-10 Delays, ICD-11, And What Clients Want From VARs

    You’ve likely heard the noise around the U.S. transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 — most of it centered on the five-fold increase in the number of codes. However, it’s also been criticized as being a headache for CIOs and for being too granular — sometimes to the point of humor.

  7. Healthcare IT News For VARs

    ICD-10 is delayed — implementation is now extended to Oct. 1, 2015. Also in the news, HIMSS reports two-thirds of hospitals are increasing their 2014 IT budgets, and the HHS offers a new HIPAA Compliance Assessment Tool.

  8. 3 EHR Data Questions Your Healthcare Clients Are Asking Today

    Data, and the opportunities for change that it brings your clients, continues to be a driving topic for VARs in all industries. EHR data in healthcare is no different, bringing with it its own set of issues and opportunities. Healthcare providers are intensely invested in patient outcomes, so it is crucial that your solutions are centered on their questions and concerns.

  9. Motorola Solutions Emphasizing Android OS In 2014

    Last week I attended Motorola’s annual Partner Expo in Las Vegas. Over the three days at the event, I learned a lot about Motorola’s initiatives for 2014. One thing I found particularly interesting was Moto’s plans concerning mobile device operating systems (OS). In the past, Motorola devices have run various versions of Microsoft’s operating systems. As we all know, in recent years the mobile world has been overrun with devices running iOS and Android, but primarily on the consumer side. Motorola has slowly adopted Android as an option for a few of its enterprise-class devices, but make no mistake, Microsoft’s OSs have been the dominant platform for the company’s mobile computers. Until now.

  10. Healthcare IT News For VARs — March 27, 2014

    Articles this week include looks at the rate of EHR adoption: fast for small medical offices, slower for providers trying to comply with new GAO standards.

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