Featured HTG Peer Group Content

  1. Network Or Community? IT Solutions Providers, You May Be Missing Out

    The difference between networks and communities is networks connect, communities care.

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Are You Ready?

    As we turn the page on a new year, you should ask yourself if you’re ready. This is our time to reset the counters. While we are in school we have semesters to conveniently break up our work into manageable divisions. You finish the course, get a grade, and move on to the next one. Good bad or indifferent, you have a forced fresh start.

  3. A Christmas List For The Small Business Owner In Your Life

    Running a company isn’t as simple as most business owners thought, and the longer they do it, the more disenfranchised they become. It just wasn’t supposed to be this hard. How do you buy a gift for a person like that? Here are a few thoughts on what small business entrepreneurs and owners might like.

  4. Leadership Lessons From My Mother-In-Law’s 80th Birthday

    Rich Anderson shares a few leadership lessons he saw being lived out at that event. 

  5. What Effect Are M&As Having On The Channel?

    M&A is definitely the buzz in the channel today. Not only on the IT managed services provider (MSP)/solutions provider front, but also in the vendor/cloud provider area as well. Things are changing rapidly as companies acquire, merge, partner, or find any number of ways to combine forces. The landscape changes daily, and the discussion is about where the next deal will come from. 

  6. Ask Coach: How To Give Up Control Of Tasks In My IT Solutions Provider Business

    Q: How do I give up control of things I shouldn’t do anymore? Coach: It has been said the longest journey a man will ever take is the 18 inches from his head to his heart. I think this adage has some application to your question.

  7. Leading Your IT Solutions Provider Business To Stay On Budget

    The benefits of managing a business according to a sales plan and budget are proven and well documented. Companies that submit to this one basic discipline tend to execute better, improve speed in decision making and make better course corrections, all while adding more dollars to the bottom line.

  8. IT Solutions Providers: Remember It Takes An Orchestra To Sell

    As a salesperson have you ever considered what role that would be in another industry? I have always envisioned myself as the conductor of an elite orchestra. The conductor’s responsibility is to know the music, to know how each part of the score is supposed to compliment the other parts and instruments, to know the exact moment when they should play and how much energy they should have. It is also the conductor’s job to NOT play any of the instruments. He or she has a job, and the orchestra would fail if the conductor were to try to do too much.

  9. Principles Of Effectively Presenting Your Finances Well To Your Leadership Team

    How do you keep your leaders in the loop about the financials of the business? The importance of the leadership team of any business understanding the current financial state of affairs cannot be understated. As the year progresses and certainty of plans and budgets give way to the reality of actual performance, it is vital that leaders are kept abreast of current conditions on the ground.

  10. What SMBs Are Looking For From Their IT Solutions Providers

    I do coaching for one of our member’s sales executives. Their owner asked for some feedback on a blog we were reviewing. One of the sales executives replied with the following...