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  1. Does Your Company Have A Path To Sell POS-as-a-Service?

    “POS-as-a-Service” is a phrase that is the buzz in our point of sale (POS) industry. Does it mean the same thing to every VAR, ISO, or ISV?  Most certainly it does not and nor should it. The list of benefits for both the merchant and the POS provider is varied depending on your position in the market, your targeted customer, and your selling strategy. How did we get to be an emerging POS-as-a-Service industry, and where are we headed?

  2. 7 Reasons To Provide Quarterly Reports To Your Managed Services Customer

    Managed IT services providers (MSPs) must ensure that their service delivery objectives are in line with their client’s business objectives. The common aspiration of an MSP is to provide a service that their client finds valuable and thus indispensable.

  3. EMV Liability Shift: Don’t Panic, But Start Planning

    Chip-and-PIN technology or EMV has been in use in Europe for several years. Here’s how it works: credit and debit cards have a chip embedded in them and once the card is swiped, users have to enter a pin number to complete a transaction. It’s estimated that this technology has cut down incidents of fraud by 65 percent over the last 10 years. For the U.S., the world’s largest user of credit and debit cards, this could be an effective tool in fighting credit card theft.

  4. Top Trends In Mobile Payment: Part 2

    Businesses using mobile devices to accept payment is an increasingly popular trend in the world of mobile. Embedding payment acceptance technology directly into mobile phones and tablets is an exciting area of innovation because it has the potential to displace the traditional point of sale terminal.

  5. Top Trends In Mobile Payment: Part 1

    It was only eight years ago that Apple changed the mobile industry with the launch of the first iPhone. Today there is a second mobile revolution upon this, and this time, it’s a revolution of mobile commerce. An ever increasing reliance on tablets and phones is rapidly changing the technology behind how we manage both our lives and business.

  6. The Best Of EMV Q&A: What Does “Liability Shift” Really Mean?

    Both the definition of liability and the degree to which someone could be held liable were issues that were on the minds of many of the attendees on our EMV-themed webinars in the past few months.  In this edition of “The Best of EMV Q&A,” we recap questions we received regarding the liability shift and what it means, in general, and specifically, for retailers.

  7. The OS War: How It Impacts Retail Technology

    The tech giants (Apple, Google, Microsoft) all have technology platforms that enable retail management systems and payments. Microsoft has been around almost as long as there have been computer-based inventory management systems—and the Windows operating system still remains popular in retail environments.

  8. RSPA President's Note - June 2015

    It’s June and here in Charlotte, that turns our attention to NASCAR: having just finished up the All Star Race and the Coca Cola 600 in late May, the Sprint Cup Series schedule is getting hotter with the weather. With NASCAR on the brain, our cover reflects both a car motif, as well as some of the challenges our industry is experiencing.

  9. POS Buyer Trend Report Yields Findings That Are Advantageous To VARs

    Most buyers need solutions that VARs can provide/

  10. Legally Speaking: Monitoring Employees

    A recent connect column addressing an employer’s right to monitor employees raised numerous inquiries to the RSPA Legal Hotline. The article advised that if the equipment or system was owned by the company then the company had the right to monitor anything on or over the system. An additional consideration was the expectation of privacy by the employee.

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