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  1. 5 Steps To Point Of Sale Device Security

    Cybercriminals to payment card data are like moths to a flame … they just can’t stay away.

  2. 3 Ways To Help Your Merchant IT Clients Win Over Customers Without Competing On Price

    As a trusted advisor to your merchant clients, you may be asked how the solutions you sell can help them be more competitive. Between the numerous price check apps in the market and the fact that there are plenty of retailers selling the same products, it’s easy to see why many merchants get into price wars, flash sales, and outrageous discounts to entice shoppers. A webinar, How to Win More Customers without Competing on Price or Products, featuring Erin Harris, editor in chief of Innovative Retail Technologies, will provide insights on implementing technology to enhance the retail experience rather than resorting to price wars.

  3. A Trailblazer And A Gentleman: Industry Legend Clarence Wiggins Inducted Into The RSPA Hall Of Fame

    Statesman. Diplomat. Consummate Southern Gentleman. Salesman extraordinaire. Businessman. Mentor. Class Act. By all accounts, Clarence Wiggins embodied all of these descriptions, and judging by the impression he left on all who knew him, he lived up to his reputation in every sense of the word.

  4. STS Profile: RetailNOW 2015 Show Floor in Review: Perspectives from RSPA’s Strategic Technologies Solutions Committee

    EMV, the Cloud, Mobile POS: these topics dominated the conversations within RetailNOW® education sessions, but would these trendy subjects have the same sort of dominance on this year’s Show Floor?

  5. RSPA President’s Note : Looking Back At RetailNOW

    I am still floating on an adrenaline rush from RetailNOW® 2015!  It was simply incredible to see, up close and personal, all that this industry and our members are experiencing. There was the opportunity to hear the outlook on the future from some top leaders in the industry; to gain tactical selling skills; see new products in action; learn from the experiences (and presentations) of peers; witness new partnerships evolving and have great conversations (and cocktails) on the show floor. 

  6. Gaining Perspective: Kelly Funk’s 2nd RetailNOW As Leader Of RSPA Inspires Nostalgia And Introspection

    In a rousing opening, RSPA’s President and CEO welcomed the RetailNOW® crowd with plumes of CO2 and an 90’ screen that stretched the length of the stage and beyond. When she got behind the podium, it marked one year since she had taken that same position during her RetailNOW 2014 welcome address.

  7. Crowded Cloud? Goldberg Urges Caution in Partnerships; Encourages Focus on Business Goals By Amber Murdock

    Personal pronouns are important to Bob Goldberg. Not so much the “I” and “me,” but certainly “we” and “us.” He uses them generously when he talks to any RSPA crowd, immediately eliminating any barrier there might be between RSPA’s longtime legal counsel and the reseller segment of the membership. Throughout his general session presentation on Wednesday, August 5, Goldberg’s message was clear: we’re in this together—and while the industry hurtles forward, we must continue to focus on what we'd like our destiny to be.

  8. What Different Types Of EMV Integrations Mean For Software Vendors

    As we are coming close to the EMV liability shift, the EMV certification process with the major processors/acquirers is not easing. There is a major backlog and it seems like most of the software vendors are not going to start having full EMV capabilities before the first quarter of 2016.

  9. Why You Should Take The Time To Implement EMV With Layered Security

    October marks the liability shift date, when the four major credit card brands, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, will begin shifting the financial liability for credit and debit card fraud to organizations that do not support EMV chip cards.

  10. 4 Ways To Create A Seamless Transition To EMV For Your IT Clients And Their Customers

    With the October 1 EMV liability shift just a little over a month away — merchants still looking to comply with their limited timeframes — need efficient and cost-effective strategies to make the deadline or be held liable for fraudulent card transactions.