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  1. RSPA Education& Certification - December 2013

    Steve Jobs once said, “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.” This was never more true for RSPA members than it i now. With so many new developments in the retail technology industry, and merchant customers’ urgent need for total solutions providers to advise them in a showrooming/social media marketing/mobile payment/dawn of EMV/PCI 3.0 world, RSPA members have to make a multitude of decisions on what to focus every day.

  2. Is It Time To Give Up On NFC?

    Álvaro J. Soltero, content and social media strategist at Leaf, discusses whether NFC can compete with other mobile wallets as a preferred option for consumers.

  3. Big Data Analytics Profitable For VARs, Clients

    David Gosman of pcAmerica tells how Big Data can benefit VARs' retail and hospitality customers — as well as benefitting the VARs themselves.

  4. The Road To Big Data

    Walker Thompson of WhenToManage lists some key considerations for retailers considering upping their Big Data game.

  5. Convenience Stores’ Small Footprint Doesn’t Mean Small Technology Needs

    David Gosman, CEO of pcAmerica, explains how convenience store clients could benefit from the POS technology that many grocery stores and large retailers use to process transactions.

  6. 5 Tools That Can Help Your Retail Customers Save Time and Grow Revenue

    Jonathan DiOrio of Swipely explains how you can help your customers better understand the value of sales analytics, customer behavior data, loyalty programs, marketing ROI, as well as payment processing services.

  7. The Top 4 Reasons Small Retailers Need Big Data

    Michael Stevens, Executive VP at Spindle, tells what SMBs have to gain from insightful analysis of their current and targeted customers.

  8. 5 Ways Technology Simplifies “Taking Inventory”

    Brian Sutter of Wasp Barcode Technologies lists five ways technology enables businesses to track inventory more efficiently.

  9. 4 Things Every Successful Loyalty Program Solution Needs

    Russ Harty of Merchant Warehouse lists the four main elements to look for when you select loyalty solutions to offer to your customers.

  10. Driving Value In The Channel With Services And Solutions

    An end-to-end strategy to answer your customer’s needs

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