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  1. Legally Speaking: Monitoring Employees

    A recent connect column addressing an employer’s right to monitor employees raised numerous inquiries to the RSPA Legal Hotline. The article advised that if the equipment or system was owned by the company then the company had the right to monitor anything on or over the system. An additional consideration was the expectation of privacy by the employee.

  2. Creating The Buyer-Driven Brand

    Today, buyers are used to a certain pace of change, and they expect brands to keep up with them. Buyers have bandwidth issues, and as solution providers, it’s our job to invest in technologies and solutions that can keep up with their demands. We can do this by implementing technology the enables omni-channel retailing and the mobile checkout experience. There are three keys to building a buyer-driven brand: support your buyer’s journey, help your buyers buy better, and make your marketing meaningful. Below are some insights on how to help your organization become a buyer-driven brand.

  3. The Best Of EMV Q&A: What Will It Be…Chip And…?

    The topic of EMV is on the minds of many people in the point of sale industry. This is exemplified in the number of questions that are sent in during the RSPA’s EMV webinar series. Dozens of questions are asked during each session, ranging from inquiries to further explain points made during the slideshow, to more detailed questions about how transactions will occur in a particular retail environment.

  4. RetailNOW®: 2015: A Place For Business FOCUS

    If you don’t know it by the time you read this portion of the magazine, let it be stated clearly now: if you’re interested in spending more time working ON your business, and not IN it, then register for RetailNOW 2015 today. Whether you’re a reseller, independent software vendor, independent sales organization, or even a traditional vendor, any business owner or leader can benefit from spending time thinking strategy instead of execution. There’s no better place than RetailNOW 2015 to do that. How can that be said with such confidence?

  5. RSPA President’s Note

    This month’s cover highlights “focus.” Most of us recognize the importance of it, yet it can be so challenging: with multiple (and sometimes competing) priorities, shifts in the industry and the various tactical activities that are a part of our day–to–day life. I too sometimes struggle with it, particularly at times like now, when there is so much going on.

  6. CompTIA’s Annual Member Meeting 2015: From The RSPA Perspective

    From March 24-26, CompTIA, the IT industry’s leading trade association, held its Annual Member Meeting at the Sawgrass Marriott Resort and Spa in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. For those three days, CompTIA’s membership gathered for two days of collaborative strategic planning and sharing amongst the association’s most engaged members, including the CompTIA Board of Directors, Community Executive Board (CEB), Communities and Councils,” according to the AMM website.

  7. Beyond As A Service

    The STS committee regularly profiles a readily deployable solution within connect magazine. This month, committee member, Velda Goodin takes a bit of a different tack on the usual subject matter of these profiles, as she tackles the subject of “beyond as a service.”

  8. What IT Solutions Providers Need To Know About The U.S. Migration To EMV-Enabled Solutions

    Payment processing is an ever-evolving industry, and this year the U.S. is adopting the chip card standard, also known as EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa). EMV is a driving force in the global payments market today, providing the latest and most reliable data security standards.

  9. 3 Ways Payment Methods Can Make An Impact On Customer Experience

    It wasn’t that long ago when merchants would dictate the form of payment by simply asking, “cash or credit?” as you prepared to make a purchase. Many merchants wouldn’t even take checks because they took too long to process and would often “bounce” or be returned.

  10. PCI Compliance Is Just One Piece Of The Puzzle

    You don’t have to look far to find evidence supporting the necessity of a comprehensive and thorough cybersecurity system for your clients. From the infamous Sony hack to cybercriminals infiltrating Target’s network that absconded with personal information from some 110 million accounts, it’s clear that protecting customers’ data is something to be taken seriously.