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  1. Heath Answers Questions From Channel Execs At RSPA INSPIRE 2015

    Acclaimed business author Chip Heath (pictured, right) isn’t just speaking at the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) INSPIRE 2015 Conference — he’s carving out significant time to engage with retail IT channel executives in the audience. Here’s a portion of the Q&A from Heath’s January 26 discussion.

  2. Retail IT News For VARs — January 26, 2015

    In the news, the National Retail Federation comments on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision not to review the debit card swipe fee decision. Also, a study predicts the number of merchants that can accept EMV payments will increase by 650 percent by October. 

  3. Why Retail IT VARs Need To Care About Their Customers’ Customers' Experience

    In a recent survey, Business Solutions and Integrated Solutions for Retailers asked retailers — both large and small — what their top technology needs are and what they plan to purchase in the coming months. One of the most common responses (and one of our topics) is customer experience/engagement.

  4. Retail IT News For VARs —January 19, 2014

    In the news, National Retail Federation (NRF) CEO and president Matthew Shay provides an update of the organization’s advocacy and education efforts in his address to Big Show 2015 attendees.

  5. NRF Attendees Get Preview Of Verizon 2015 PCI Report

    The Verizon Enterprise Solutions 2015 PCI Report is due out in February, but National Retail Federation Big Show Attendees on Monday had the opportunity to learn initial findings from the report. The report correlates Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard compliance with data breaches occurring at retail businesses or restaurants.

  6. Podcast: Author Chip Heath To Speak At RSPA INSPIRE 2015

    In this exclusive interview with Business Solutions president and RSPA board chairman Jim Roddy, Heath discusses some of the challenges facing Retail VARs as well as a preview of his presentations at INSPIRE, Planned topics are the dynamics of change — how you can align the analytical side and the emotional side of your brain to make change effectively — and decision making — examining flaws and biases that result in less-than-optimal decisions and learning routines and procedures that improve the chances of success.  

  7. Point Of Sale, Payment Processing And Data Collection News From December 2014

    Each month, Business Solutions reports news on business in the channel. This month in point of sale and payment processing, SATO Online Services is scheduled to launch, Merchant Link released its Apple Pay contactless payment solution for MICROS point of sale (POS) systems, Bluefin’s PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution is available to Priority Payment clients, and Touch Dynamic introduces a new rugged tablet.

  8. Retail, Grocery, And Hospitality IT News For VARs — January 12, 2015

    In the news, research shows there are fewer cyberattacks, but the amount of data stolen from each has grown. Also, articles include an example of the trend toward digital concierge services and an opinion that until Internet of Things (IoT) devices work together, the hype falls flat.

  9. Trustwave Report: Most Companies Lack Proper Maintenance, Education For Security Solutions

    Trustwave’s 2014 State of Risk Report reveals your IT clients and prospects probably need some help with maintenance protocols that will keep network security measures working properly.

  10. Worse Than Sticks And Stones: Pay Attention To Customer Reviews

    Client reviews posted on the Internet have taken a prominent role when customers — or patients or students — determine where to spend their money. An article by CNN highlights the lengths that consumers will go to research the best chance at a good experience.

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