Hospitality Magazine Articles

  1. POS, Marketing Combo Drives Repeat Business

    An automated marketing solution helps a restaurant POS VAR boost sales for customers.

  2. Small VAR Goes Big-Time With Mobile POS

    Chris Pace helped a pal who owns a coffee shop set up mobile POS. Next thing he knew, he was a POS VAR. Congruity Solutions is now the go-to provider of mobile POS for more than a dozen shops in Phoenix.

  3. Capitalize On Healthcare Mandates

    Healthcare is projected to experience significant growth in the next few years, but resellers need to understand key industry drivers before they can cash in.

  4. 3 Mistakes That Can Cripple Your Hospitality Sales

    Experts advise VARs of the common pitfalls they should avoid to increase their chance of success with restaurant and hotel customers.

  5. Aeris POS Systems Brings Success To Their Resellers By Bringing End Users A Better Way Of Doing Business

    Aeris POS is a true cloud computing system. It is priced to match the emerging purchasing trends in today’s marketplace. It allows our partners to offer their merchants a more competitive (SaaS) model. Unlike legacy “boxed application” or “gimmick pricing” models, it is more akin to buying a utility service, with smaller up-front costs and monthly fees based on those services each merchant actually uses. By definition SaaS pricing includes the cost of software support, just as cloud computing means upgrades are a thing of the past. Over the life of a system, the costs for a true cloud computing solution is less expensive than costs associated with a conventional, legacy POS installation.

  6. SBS Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Keystroke POS Dealer Channel

    Personally, it was when one of our most successful resellers first agreed to carry our software. After we presented the Keystroke POS program to Randy for several years straight, he finally decided it was a product he wanted to sell, and did he ever. It was an important lesson about what it takes for a dealer to take on a new core product line.

  7. A Marriage Of Technology & Profitability

    Historically, our annual Partner Program Insider serves you in two ways. First, we give you a helpful overview of the most significant trends in key markets. Second, you’re presented with information from many vendors and distributors about their partner programs and key offerings should you decide to take advantage of the key trends in those markets.

  8. How VARs Can Benefit From EMV Adoption

    Deliver clear business value by guiding POS customers along the fastest path to accepting chip-based credit cards.

  9. 3 Benefits Of Selling SaaS-Based POS

    eMobilePOS anticipates triple-digit growth on the sale of its SaaS-based POS solutions. Here’s why the company is banking on the cloud.

  10. The 3-Year Mobile Sale Payoff

    A mobility integrator’s perseverance leads to a $100k+, 40-handheld and mobile printer install with recurring revenue.