Managed Services Articles

  1. CompTIA Report: Big Data Can Mean Big Opportunity For The IT Channel

    Businesses of all types and sizes are gathering and using large amounts of digital data, whether for making decisions about efficiency, understanding consumers, or making predictions for their businesses. IT solutions providers that understand the drivers behind this trend and can deliver and support Big Data solutions stand to capitalize on it.

  2. Report: Cyberattacks Determined By Type Of Interaction And IT Infrastructure

    The type of cyberattack perpetrated against a company is determined by the way it interacts with its customers as well as where its infrastructure resides, according to the Alert Logic Fall 2015 Cloud Security Report. Understanding this can help you proactively protect your clients against the most likely sources of cybercriminals targeting them.

  3. How Does Your Marketing Spend Compare With Other IT Providers?

    One area in which most solutions providers fall short with their business is with marketing. Some admit they are bad at marketing. Some convince themselves word of mouth is all they need. Others believe no marketing works after a few half-hearted attempts fell short of expectations. In preparing for an upcoming special report on marketing and solutions providers, I ran a survey to collect some data from solutions providers. The results were pretty eye-opening.

  4. Research Shows Enterprises Can Use Expert Support In Cloud Implementations

    Research shows strategic partners make managing cloud-based environments easier for enterprises.

  5. Cloud Price Index: Using Multiple Providers Can Save Money

    It pays to shop around. The Cloud Price Index (CPI) update released last month by 451 Research compared costs for using one cloud provider for all cloud services with shopping for the best price for each cloud service or application.

  6. Healthcare Shows High Risk From Brute Force Attacks According To Industry Report

    According to an Alert Logic report, 87 percent of organizations are using cloud infrastructure. Beyond that, analysts are predicting that spending for cloud computing will cross $200 billion in 2016. All this amounts to hackers having a larger “attack surface” through which they can gain access to data — something it’s essential that your clients understand, especially in relation to the threats that are particular to healthcare.

  7. Public Cloud Usage Expands, Businesses Want Accounting Of Real Costs

    IT will need to reliably allocate usage and spend for each cloud service as the need for greater cost transparency and the reliance on public cloud both increase.

  8. 2015 Musings, 2016 Predictions

    It’s tough to not do a recap or predictions article around the New Year when you’re in the media. Editor in chief Mike Monocello says, frankly, they’re a lot of fun since it’s an opportunity to let your voice be heard and get bold. Here he takes a look back at the past  year and forward to the new one.

  9. Education Technology Budgeted In Revisions To No Child Left Behind

    On December 10, President Barack Obama passed into law the revisions made to the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, collectively called the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). These revisions, which totaled 1,059 pages, include support for education technology. The bill authorized $1.65 billion for education technology and includes training for teachers to use new technologies in the classroom

  10. Why MSPs Need To Consider Offering Payment Processing

    There are a number of ways managed services providers (MSPs) can benefit from offering payment processing, and the U.S. transition to EMV payment technology represents added opportunity for sales.