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  1. MSP Pricing: Always Sell On Value

    A ConnectWise e-book “Pricing: 5 Proven Tips for Maximizing Your Profit” examines the best strategies for pricing to maximize profitability for your IT solutions provider. Among the topics discussed in the e-book is the difference between cost and value.

  2. Americans Are Ready For Digital Health — Are Your Healthcare IT Clients?

    In a world of increasingly patient-centered care and regulations, healthcare entities can’t afford to ignore the preferences and behavior patterns of their customers and neither can IT solutions providers. This is especially true when the question is around behaviors and attitudes toward IT in the health space.

  3. Report Finds Supply Chain Analytics Market Will Grow To $4.8 Billion By 2019

    A report by Markets and Markets finds the supply chain analytics market will reach a net worth of approximately $4.8 billion by 2019.

  4. Study: Patients Would Change Healthcare Providers Over Security Concerns

    Medical identity theft is the topic of a recent Ponemon Institute study (available for free, by request, here).

  5. Study: Solutions Providers See Higher Revenues, Improve Operations And Performance

    A new report by the 2112 Group reveals the IT channel is growing at double-digit rates for the fourth year in a row, increasing revenue and profitability while simultaneously improving business operations and performance.

  6. Literature Review: Do Patient Portals Meet MU Needs?

    As patient portals continue to grow in their importance and functionality, it is important to ask whether they are accomplishing what’s most important in terms of benefits to all stakeholders involved.

  7. Report Highlights How Tech Convergence Could Redefine The Federal Landscape

    Creating IT Futures, the philanthropic arm of CompTIA, has released the Federal Technology Convergence Commission Report to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), highlighting how converged technologies could redefine government communication, cooperation, and the way federal agencies address the nation’s most significant issues.

  8. Survey: 85% Of Services Providers Experienced Customer Churn After DDoS Attack

    A new study released by Black Lotus, a provider of DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection, reveals 85 percent of services providers have experienced customer churn as a result of DDoS attacks.

  9. Education Trends That Affect IT Spend

    Education is undergoing a time of change —with drivers including government mandates and the characteristics of new generations of students. The challenges created by this evolution can be opportunities to provide new IT solutions.

  10. Challenges To Tapping IoT Potential Could Mean Opportunities For Solutions Providers

    New research released by Internet of Things (IoT) analytics platform company Par Stream has revealed a direct relationship between access and analysis of data and success of IoT projects.

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