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  1. Survey: 85% Of Services Providers Experienced Customer Churn After DDoS Attack

    A new study released by Black Lotus, a provider of DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection, reveals 85 percent of services providers have experienced customer churn as a result of DDoS attacks.

  2. Education Trends That Affect IT Spend

    Education is undergoing a time of change —with drivers including government mandates and the characteristics of new generations of students. The challenges created by this evolution can be opportunities to provide new IT solutions.

  3. Challenges To Tapping IoT Potential Could Mean Opportunities For Solutions Providers

    New research released by Internet of Things (IoT) analytics platform company Par Stream has revealed a direct relationship between access and analysis of data and success of IoT projects.

  4. New Report Reveals Contact Centers Still Playing Catch Up To Digital Demand

    Global ICT services and solutions provider Dimension Data has found that, despite the continued explosion of digital contact as a customer engagement tool, contact centers are still playing catch-up when it comes to digital demand.

  5. Two-Thirds Of Global Businesses Rely On Android Devices, But 40 Percent Have Security Concerns

    According to the results of a recent SOTI study, while more than two-thirds of global businesses consider Android devices integral to their daily operations, almost 40 percent still have concerns over security of Android devices.

  6. Video Solutions Have ROI In Field Service

    Video solutions for surveillance and intelligence are gaining popularity in field service.

  7. AJMC Works To Measure The Value Of Health IT

    Relating the value of health IT to your clients can be difficult.

  8. Will HIPAA Require Encryption?

    You and your healthcare IT clients could be facing even more legislation around healthcare data, and this time, it’s about encryption.

  9. Report: Your IT Clients' Employees Are Using Shadow IT, Creating Risks

    Enterprise-ready services have almost doubled in 2014, but there is still risk from shadow IT, according to Skyhigh Networks’ quarterly Cloud Adoption and Risk (CAR) Report.

  10. Study Shows New Data Center Growth Slows In Q4 2014

    A study by information technology research and advisory company 451 Research has found that the worldwide data center install base grew at just 0.2 percent during Q4 2014, reaching a total of 4.3 million data centers and IT sites.

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