Managed Services Articles

  1. Research Finds $30 Billion Wasted In U.S. On Unused Software

    Global organizations are wasting money on software that is not used, according to a new report from Software Lifecycle Automation company 1E. The report The Real Cost of Unused Software analyzed the results of a four-year study of more than 1,800 software titles deployed on 3.6 million desktops, in 129 enterprises, across 14 industries.

  2. CompTIA: Lack Of Cyber Security Knowledge Is Harmful To Organizations

    In a recent experiment designed to discern common attitudes and behaviors regarding cybersecurity, CompTIA revealed that nearly one in five people who found a random USB stick in a public setting would use it, opening themselves — and possibly their employers — to cybersecurity risk. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  3. How Cloud-Based Applications And Services Can Grow — And Protect — Your Business

    In this exclusive interview with Business Solutions, David Byrd, CMO and VP of Operations for CloudRoute, lists benefits of delivering cloud-based applications and services, and also explains why this may be necessary to protect your IT solutions provider business.

  4. Attention VARs: Benefits Administration Is Ready For The Cloud

    Cloud computing is continually popping up as a welcome entrant in different areas in the world of healthcare, and this time, it’s benefits administration.

  5. CompTIA: Younger Workers’ Tech Preferences Could Impact Workforce Dynamics

    Among the trends shaping the workplace of the future are increasingly blurred lines between personal and work lives, a greater emphasis on social media engagement, and stronger views on technology, according to new research from CompTIA, the IT industry association.

  6. Fix For Unnamed Java Vulnerability Could Be More Challenging Than Heartbleed

    A vulnerability originating from a commonly used Java library could be “the most underrated, under hyped vulnerability of 2015,” according to Steve Breen, principal consultant for NTT Com Security. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  7. What IT Solutions Providers Need To Know About Their Clients’ Security Risk

    Skyhigh Networks has released its latest quarterly Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, which found that the average enterprise faces more than 16 insider threats, exploited account credentials, and data exfiltration incidents per month.

  8. IT Nation 2015 Recap: By The Numbers

    Last week was the 7th straight week of travel for me as I returned to Orlando for IT Nation. If you aren’t familiar with this event, it’s brought to the IT community by ConnectWise. Without a doubt, it’s the best channel event of the year if you’re interested in amazing education. I attend a lot of shows each year so I feel confident when I make this statement.

  9. The End User’s Perspective: Mobility, Cloud, IoT Solutions — And How To Sell Them

    Having insights into what end users want from IT solutions is always valuable, and this perspective will be particularly valuable as mobility, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology continue to converge. End users joined a panel discussion at the Smart VAR Summit: Age Of Intelligence — IoT, Cloud, And Mobility Convergence, powered by ScanSource, Zebra Technologies, and Business Solutions on October 14 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA.

  10. Connecting Your Healthcare IT Clients With Their Most Tech-Savvy Users

    Connecting with patients is a top priority under MU Stage 3 and it’s likely that your clients are having issues effectively bridging the tech gap with the people they serve. A recent survey from Deloitte though may lend some invaluable insight in helping them reach their patient engagement goals.