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  1. President Obama's National Cybersecurity Emergency Explained

    IT solutions providers can work with the government and companies to come up with effective solutions to curb and protect against the rising tide of cyber insecurity.

  2. Windows Server 2003 EOS: 4 Opportunities For Solutions Providers

    July 14 will mark the end of service for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and this means the end of patches, security updates, and, in some cases, compliance with their industries’ regulations and requirements.

  3. Which Cloud Solutions Can Help Your IT Clients Cut Costs?

    Cloud-based app and services can help your clients save money, and eWeek weighs in with its pick of the top ten overhead-reducing apps and storage services.

  4. Are DevOps The Best Route For Government Agencies To The Cloud?

    Approximately two-thirds of Feds think DevOps will help agencies transition to the cloud faster and improve IT collaboration and migration speed — but they can’t do it alone. These are the findings of a new study by MeriTalk and underwritten by Accenture Federal Services, titled “The Agile Advantage: Can DevOps Move Cloud to the Fast Lane?”

  5. Survey Finds Cloud Adoption Hampered By Misperceptions About Security, Costs

    West IP Communications released the results of the survey “Big Business Is Still Learning About The Cloud.” The study polled more than 300 IT managers regarding their views on the cloud and how it has or can change the way IT departments deliver telecommunications services to their companies and discovered that while the majority of IT managers believe quality of service would either stay the same or even improve when moving telecommunications to the cloud, concerns over cost and security linger.

  6. NTT Global Threat Intelligence Report: Companies Are Not Effective At Eliminating Vulnerabilities

    The 2015 NTT Global Threat Intelligence Report concludes enterprises are not eliminating vulnerabilities to cyberattack effectively. The study found during 2014, 76 percent of vulnerabilities identified were more than two years old — and almost 9 percent of them were more than 10 years old.

  7. Healthcare Organizations Are Grossly Underutilizing Data Analytics

    Vendors offering data analytics solutions should pay attention to the gap between the current use of data analytics and the potential that the innovation holds for healthcare organizations.

  8. Healthcare: 125 Percent Increase In Cyberattacks Since 2010

    The bad news around security in healthcare continues, just after the announcement of Seton Health’s phishing scam attack.

  9. LogicNow: There’s Discord Between Customers’ Expectations And Solutions Providers’ Delivery

    A disconcerting level of discord exists between what customers need and expect and what IT service providers actually deliver, according to new research from LogicNow. The study reveals that IT service providers are seriously misaligned with customers’ needs, meaning that they are missing out on vast opportunities.

  10. CompTIA: Companies Devote More Resources To IT Spend, Hiring

    As information technology solutions become increasingly important for determining the success of businesses, companies are devoting more and more resources to IT spending and hiring, according to a study by CompTIA, the IT industry association.

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