Managed Services Articles

  1. Cloud Delivery: Webinar Discusses Profitability Of Adding Cloud-Based IVR Survey Functionality

    The promise of what the cloud offers solution providers isn’t a singular path with a clear beginning and end. The idea of taking on-premise to off is only the beginning of where the value is and how larger profits can soon be seen.

  2. Increased Attacks On Critical Infrastructures Provide Great Opportunities For MSPs

    How MSPs can help mitigate the impact of cyber attacks on critical infrastructures. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  3. Product Comparison: RMM Software 2016 - Vigilix

    Vigilix is 100% focused on delivering the solutions needed by support teams in the Point-of-Sale (POS) space as they work to build a more valuable service offering and deliver more managed services.

  4. Product Comparison: RMM Software 2016 - SolarWinds N-able

    From managing and monitoring Windows, Linux and Apple devices, to mobile device and cloud management as well as creating meaningful reports for MSPs and their customers, N-central is a RMM and MSP automation platform that does it all — from a single pane of glass.  N-central stands out in the market for its focus on creating an exceptional user experience for the MSP, and is designed to save MSPs valuable time, allowing them to deliver excellence to clients and increase bottom line revenues.

  5. Product Comparison: RMM Software 2016 - LOGICnow

    The LOGICnow RMM product includes Antivirus, unattended Remote Access (Take Control™), Patch Management (Microsoft & 3rd party), Web Protection, Managed Online Backup, App/Services Control, Mobile Device Management, MAX Risk Intelligence, MAX Backup, MAX Mail, MAX Service Desk.

  6. Product Comparison: RMM Software 2016 - Continuum Managed IT Services

    Continuum RMM comes fully integrated with our 650+ person Network Operations Center, meaning partners have the software and services they need to provide 24x7x365 monitoring without needing to staff around the clock. Our platform comes pre-configured to start diagnosing issues immediately and the NOC resolves up to 90% of alerts generated, helping partners significantly reduce day-to-day maintenance of the platform and cut back on ticket and alert volume, so partners can focus on growth and strategic initiatives. Lastly, Continuum is the only channel-exclusive RMM vendor, meaning we will never sell to an MSP’s end clients and are fully committed to the success of our partners, given our dependence on their success.

  7. Product Comparison: RMM Software 2016 - ConnectWise

    Flexibility and integration. LabTech is flexible enough to automate and monitor nearly any IT process or task a customer can think of (aside from MDM). And LabTech’s platform provides more integration options than any competing RMM, so customers can choose products that best fit their business need.

  8. Product Comparison: RMM Software 2016 - Comodo One

    Comodo One MSP is The Comodo One MSP IT management platform is a free to use, integrated platform for MSPs which combines modules of Comodo Remote Monitoring and Management, Comodo Service Desk, Comodo Patch Management into a single, easy-to-use console. Comodo One MSP helps MSPs to standardize and automate existing processes, view real-time data and alerts from customer networks, help reduce operating costs, improve the quality of service.

  9. Product Comparison: RMM Software 2016 - Autotask

    Autotask charges a single monthly charge per device, which is the same regardless of device type and includes the full range of RMM functionality. There are no hidden extras and no additional modules that cost more.

  10. Business Solutions Adds New Channel Resource: “Ask Michael Gerber”

    Business Solutions and renowned small business expert Michael Gerber have expanded their partnership with a new offering that will benefit the entire IT channel. For a limited time, executives from VAR, MSP, and ISV organizations can have their business-related questions answered directly by Gerber at no charge.