Networking Articles

  1. Marketing Collateral For Sales Reps Must Be Accessible On Mobile Platforms

    According to the annual Salesforce Spotlight Survey by Seismic, an end-to-end sales enablement solution, mobility could be widening the gap between sales and marketing teams.

  2. Zebra Study: ROI Of Mobility Tools Includes Lower Costs And Additional Revenue

    Your field and fleet management clients could have more money to spend on mobility solutions in the next five years.

  3. Advice For Protecting Key Evidence After A Cyberattack

    Cyberattacks can be devastating to your IT clients’ businesses, but if a breach does occur, the response to the attack can make a different. If handled improperly, the response from your client could erase important forensic evidence.

  4. The Fastest Growing App Market? Healthcare

    If your clients are reluctant to try out mHealth apps, a bit of social proof from Kalorama might change their minds.

  5. Adopting A Utility Strategy: 20 Cloud Truths To Share With Your SMB Clients

    The cloud computing is becoming ubiquitous to today’s businesses, but you need to help your SMB clients understand some basic cloud truths in order to make the most of its capabilities. 

  6. ONC Finalizes HIT Strategic Plan While CHIME Calls For MU3 Delay

    The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) has continued to spell out its strategic vision for HITin the U.S. according to a letter available on The letter begins, “Over the past five years, our nation's health information technology (health IT) landscape has experienced a remarkable transformation. Developing the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2015-2020 (Plan) has given us a chance to reflect on our collective health IT journey. When we released the prior Plan in 2011, non-federal adoption of health IT was in its nascent stages, Affordable Care Act implementation was commencing, and the use of mobile health applications, especially by consumers, was far from ubiquitous.”

  7. Will Voice Providers Or MSPs Bring Cloud Services To SMBs?

    It could be extremely profitable to bring cloud computing to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), according a report from BCSB, a cloud services marketplace supplier.

  8. Zebra’s “PartnerConnect” Partner Program Launching Q2 2016

    Zebra will launch “PartnerConnect” in Q2 2016. Since Zebra acquired Motorola Solutions' Enterprise business last year, the company has been thoughtfully advancing the development of the newly named partner program.

  9. Top 6 Population Health Upsells For Your Clients

    Population health is on the mind of decision-makers with your current clients, so while it may be hard to launch an entirely new relationship based on a population health solution, its entirely possible to start a conversation with your existing client base about ways they’re handling the concept and how they can prepare for industry changes around it.

  10. Wearables Break New Ground With Google’s Smart Contact Lens

    Google’s technology is far from new in the optical wearable world. Last year, Google Glass was being used by MedEx Ambulance Service to allow paramedics to transmit live audio and video to doctors, and now a partnership with Novartis has given birth to a smart contact lens.