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  1. Study Shows Phishing Is Directly Related To 83% Of Security Concerns

    A majority of all security concerns are directly related to phishing risks, according to a recent study from KnowBe4 and Osterman Research, but nearly 80 percent of those polled also say they have seen no improvement in the ways they proactively approach phishing.  In fact, one-third see the problem actively worsening.

  2. What Meaningful Use Stage 3 Means To Your Health IT Clients

    Recent changes in the world of HIT federal regulations will have direct impacts on you and your clients.

  3. Report Concludes Demand For Tech Talent Far Exceeds Supply In Washington State

    A report generated by the Washington Technology Industry Association has demonstrated that there is a far greater demand for technology talent in Washington than the state can meet.

  4. EHR Compliance And HIPAA Compliance: Help Your Healthcare IT Clients Understand The Difference

    Your clients likely have concerns around the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that extend beyond the reach of your influence. Unfortunately, many may be thinking those concerns are being covered by the HIPAA compliant EHR (electronic health records) solutions you offer.

  5. CHIME Offers $1 Million Reward For Creation Of National Patient ID

    An enormous amount of resources in healthcare and healthcare IT are dedicated to medical error reduction. After all, mistakes in healthcare cost lives. To help address that problem, the College Of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) has launched a challenge with an award of $1 million, designed to help encourage the creation of a national patient ID.

  6. Study Suggests Disregarding Federal IT Procurement Rules Can Affect Competitiveness

    A report released by Government Business Council (GBC) and sponsored by Brocade suggests that inadequate attention to IT procurement regulations may be more common and have a more serious impact on market competitiveness than previously thought, according to a press release.

  7. Proposed CA Bill Would Create GPS Data Privacy Protections For Mobile Device Users

    California state senator Mark Leno has introduced a bill that would require clear notice regarding how location information will be used and shared when consumers install new apps.

  8. mHealth: Moving Out Of The “Discovery Phase”

    mHealth is at a critical growth point, and what happens beyond that point will depend largely on how the data that’s generated and collected by mobile health devices is used.

  9. KnowBe4 Warns Of Onslaught Of New Ransomware Strains

    In an unsettling trend, cybercriminals have launched a new wave of ransomware attacks that include several new malicious strains targeting both businesses and consumers, according to KnowBe4, a provider of web-based security awareness training to small and medium sized enterprises. The new strains expand capabilities into unmapped network drives, malicious help files, and games.

  10. Senators Propose Internet Of Things Legislation

    In February, the Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing, “The Connected World: Examining the Internet of Things,” to examine the future of connected Internet technologies. Following that hearing, a bipartisan group of senators introduced a piece of legislation designed to address the Internet of Things.

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