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  1. Study Finds Only 41 Percent Of Feds Consider Cloud Part Of Overall IT Strategy

    A study by Meritalk finds, despite a majority (62 percent) of federal agencies in 2010 that reported they would move to cloud-based computing within five years, in a recent poll, just 41 percent of Feds see cloud as an integral component of their overall IT strategy.

  2. Study Shows IT Outages Have Immediate Negative Impact On Your Clients’ Businesses

    A study commissioned by xMatters, a provider of communication-enabled business processes, reveals businesses are disrupted within the first few minutes of an IT outage and poor communications management means finding the right person to investigate the issue can take as long as, or longer, than resolving it.

  3. Infographic: User Experience Will Shape The Future Of IT Service Desks

    The explosion of BYOD (bring your own device) and the connected mobile workforce means that IT service desks are rapidly evolving to provide support beyond phone and email. An infographic from Randstad Technologies, “The Future of Service Desks: All About User Experience,” demonstrates that the future of IT service desks will require the adoption of mobile, virtual, and social features.

  4. Your Healthcare IT Clients’ Nurses Tie Device Coordination To Medical Error Reduction

    Selling the concept of device connectivity to organizational decision makers is all about tying benefits to the realistic needs of your clients. A survey from the Gary And Mary West Health Institute has connected with 500 nurses to bring you some insight.

  5. What IT Solutions Providers Can Learn At HIMSS15

    HIMSS15 is coming up, and it promises to be an enormous event. It features an expected 38,000 visitors, 200 live education sessions, and 1.3 million square feet of exhibits.

  6. Security Flaw In Hotel Wi-Fi Routers Could Put Devices At Risk

    Cylance, a security vendor, says that its security researchers at the Sophisticated Penetration Exploitation and Research team (SPEAR) have uncovered a flaw in the InnGate Wi-Fi router commonly used by many hotels that could be placing the devices of guests at risk. The vulnerability could threaten not just guests, but could also spread to the hotels themselves if hackers are able to compromise the router to allow them to access other parts of the hotel network. Cylance says this could potentially impact reservations and billing.

  7. Survey Finds Transportation And Logistics Believe IoT Will Be “Most Strategic Initiative”

    A study conducted by Zebra Technologies Corporation finds 96 percent of surveyed transportation and logistics (T&L) companies agree the Internet of Things (IoT) is the most strategic technological initiative their organizations will undertake this decade. In fact, enterprises in key industries around the world are utilizing IoT solutions to “arm themselves” with the real-time data and intelligence.

  8. HIMSS Provides MU Stage 3 Introduction

    HIMSS is offering resources to address Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 3 concerns, including a webinar series and an executive summary covering the next stage in the MU incentive program.

  9. How Healthy Is The Healthcare IT Market?

    Business Solutions asked channel executives to describe the health of the healthcare market in 2015 from a potential IT spend perspective.

  10. Why You Can't Afford To Skimp On Network Monitoring Software

    It’s hard to imagine a time when computer networks were small and few. Telephone lines and telegraphs paved the way for network development as they connected people around the nation with Morse codes and messages.

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