Networking Articles

  1. Advice From The 2112 Group “Channel Theory Of Everything” Smart VAR Summit Presentation

    The 2112 Group provided advice to help IT solutions providers deal with, as CEO and chief analyst Larry Walsh described it, “this entire wave of innovation that’s being summed up in things like the Internet of Things [IoT].” Walsh and Diana Mirajkaj, COO of The 2112 Group, presented the keynote at the Smart VAR Summit: Age Of Intelligence — IoT, Cloud, And Mobility Convergence, powered by ScanSource, Zebra Technologies, and Business Solutions, on October 14 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA.

  2. Enterprise Asset Intelligence: How VARs Can Leverage 3 Converging Technology Trends

    As mobility, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things come together, there are many potential benefits. For example, manufacturers can assess efficiency and costs in real time (or near real time), “smart” equipment can pause or shut down if a risk is detected, and retailers can monitor a shopper’s behavior and dispatch an associate to close a deal.

  3. Smart VAR Age Of Intelligence Summit: Where Solutions Providers Can Start With IoT

    At the Smart VAR Summit: Age Of Intelligence — IoT, Cloud, And Mobility Convergence, powered by ScanSource, Zebra Technologies, and Business Solutions, a panel discussion focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) from a solutions providers’ perspective.

  4. MobileIron “State of App Security” Report Stresses The Importance Of MDM To Your IT Clients

    Mobile apps are an integral part of today’s business landscape. The proliferation of mobile devices and mobile apps, coupled with recent mobile attacks such as XcodeGhost, Stagefright, Key Raider, and YiSpecter, means that an unprecedented amount of mobile business data has been put at risk.

  5. HIPAA Audits Are Coming … Are You Ready?

    The second phase of the HIPAA Audit Pilot Program is on its way.

  6. Cavernous Gap Between Healthcare Security Threat And Preparedness

    Trustwave released its 2015 Security Health Check Report this October, and along with it, results that illuminate a disturbing gap between the perception of security in healthcare and actual readiness for an incident.

  7. Study: IT Security Experts Prefer Integrated, Cloud-Delivered Security

    According to a study from Internet security company Zscaler, security professionals believe security should be delivered as a platform and cloud-based security offers better protection at a lower cost than traditional on-premises solutions.

  8. Windows 10 Gains Momentum In Commercial Market, Software Industry

    Microsoft has announced that 110 million devices worldwide are running Windows 10.

  9. Who Will Commit Fraud Against Your IT Clients — And When And Where?

    Fraud is more likely to take place online during the workweek, according to a new report from Sift Science, an organization that offers fraud detection and solution.

  10. Study Reveals Your IT Clients’ Employees Won’t Tolerate Subpar Applications

    Complexity, limited mobile access, and overall poor user experience are the leading elements inhibiting modernization efforts within large U.S. enterprises, according to Capriza’s Enterprise User-Experience Study.