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  1. Grocery And Convenience Store IT News For VARs – June 12, 2014

    In the news this week, an article provides six action steps can help retailers leverage digital influence to improve same-store sales, and Accenture’s Technology Vision 2014 for Consumer Packaged Goods identifies game-changing trends for CPG companies determined to drive more profitable growth. Also, a case study begs the question, can your grocery clients benefit from an EHR (electronic health records) system?

  2. Restaurant And Hospitality IT News For VARs – June 11, 2014

    In news this week, ControlScan relaunches its website on PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance. Also restaurants are leveraging technology to recruit, hire, train, and manage employees, and there is a trend toward guest management solutions that eliminate wait times.

  3. How To Tell If Your Website Is An Effective Lead-Generator

    Your website is often the first impression of your business on a prospect — and the impression it makes can impact whether that prospect becomes a customer. How do you know whether your website is an effective marketing tool?

  4. Retailers And Resellers Collaborate To Combat Cyber Threats

    Cyber security is no longer a one-way street — retail solutions providers are now able to collaborate with retailers to strengthen protection against threats.

  5. Study Suggests EMV Cards Not So Secure

    EMV skeptics would argue that, today, mobile solutions and sophisticated cards including biometric elements are available that could provide more advanced protection — matching the sophistication of today’s cyber attacks.

  6. Healthcare EFT Standard, Innovations Seek To Make Accepting Payments Easier

    Chances are your clients are unaware of the time and money they could be saving related to their payment acceptance processes. Here are some recent developments and innovations around electronic funds transfer (EFT) developments in healthcare. EFTs for healthcare providers have traditionally been a difficult area to navigate. If a provider were interested in receiving EFT payments, they were left to deal with varied enrollment procedures and delayed transactions. Data re-association between payments and claims was non-standardized, making matching difficult.

  7. Retail IT News for VARs — June 6, 2014

    In the news, a report shows one-third of online retail sales come from smartphones and tablets. Also, the U.S. Census Bureau has released data showing 27 percent growth in online retail establishments, and Google Analytics has added a new e-commerce reporting tool.

  8. Grocery And Convenience Store IT News For VARs — June 5, 2014

    In the news, grocery market growth slows in the quarter ending in May, marking the lowest level of growth in 11 years. Also, the NACS is among retailers and associations asking for a Supreme Court appeal on the swipe fee ruling. In addition, a study shows an ATM at your c-store customers’ locations can boost traffic and sales.

  9. Digital Interactions Influence $1.1 Trillion In Retail Sales

    New research reveals that retail manufacturers and resellers could benefit significantly by the mobile shopping solutions you provide.

  10. Restaurant And Hospitality IT News For VARs — June 4, 2014

    News this week includes word from the National Restaurant Association that its Restaurant Performance Index rose for the second straight month. Mobile apps are also in the news: A new survey app enables your restaurant clients to gather real-time feedback and address problems immediately, and the rising focus on healthy eating is driving mobile apps that enable consumers to select their dining venues.

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