POS & Payment Processing Articles

  1. Restaurant And Hospitality IT News For VARs — January 6, 2014

    Mobile apps with integrated loyalty and rewards is boosting digital gift card spending — and restaurants are planning to invest in smartphone app and other mobile technology. Also in the news, the RPI reached a five-month high in November 2013, at 101.2. 

  2. Converting To As-a-Service? Take Your Time.

    By far, the biggest objection I hear to converting from break-fix to the As-a-Service model is the change in cash flow. Experts and MSPs who've already made the transition have very clear advice: make the transition in stages and as your company can accomodate.

  3. Grocery And Convenience Store IT News For VARs — January 3, 2014

    In the news, mobile ad spending increased in the first half of 2013, and grocers want to streamline their businesses with technology.

  4. Best Channel Vendors 2014: Always Room For Improvement

    You should have found in your mailbox this week the January 2014 issue of Business Solutions magazine, which contains the results of our annual Best Channel Vendors survey. This is the sixth year we've run this survey which gives us a lot of data to analyze. One fun thing I did last year with the winner's list was to apply conditional color formatting to the scores to create a heat map. I did it again for this year's winners (randomizing the winner's list, of course) and the results are pretty cool.

  5. Peer-To-Peer: The Best Way To Sell Subscription-Based POS

    Business Solutions interviewed Dave Iava, senior account representative for Plymouth Rock Merchant Services, for the article “Take A ‘Pay It Forward’ Approach To POS.” After Iava established Plymouth Rock, which offers payment processing services, he began providing point of sale (POS) systems for a monthly fee. Iava offers advice to other solutions providers selling “Free POS.”

  6. Retail IT News For VARs — January 2, 2014

    In the news, holiday ecommerce fell short of expectations, containerization is getting interest as a strategy for BYOD security, and experts comment on mobility, payment, and Big Data in 2014.

  7. Where Retail IT VARs Should Focus In 2014

    I’m not a fan of articles where the writer uses their “wisdom” to make educated guesses and then emphatically recommends you take actions that could affect your business adversely. I’d rather leverage research and real-world data to make statements you can feel more confident about embracing.

  8. Restaurant And Hospitality IT News For VARs — December 30, 2013

    In the news, analysts predict trends for hotels and restaurants and restaurant spending in 2013 was up — but visits were down. 

  9. Grocery And Convenience Store IT News For VARs — December 27, 2013

    In the news, an economists predicts growth for the convenience store industry and the demand for mobile payments and digital gift cards is expected to increase at c-stores.

  10. Where BSMinfo.com Visitors Landed In 2013

    In 2013, people searching the Internet who found their way to BSMinfo.com most often clicked on these topics — providing an informal gauge of what gets the channel’s attention.