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  1. Restaurant And Hospitality News For VARs — May 8, 2014

    New this week, Disney has incorporated RFID technology into their new “Magic Bands,” allowing all sorts of personal information to be downloaded directly to a visitor’s wrist to improve their overall park experience. Also, Einstein Noah has transformed its service management within IT, and throughout the company with a new cloud solution that enables them to automate key processes and speed service request fulfillment.

  2. Grocery And Convenience Store IT News For VARs — May 8, 2014

    Loyalty programs continue to be frontline news. This week, a recent study demonstrates that c-store loyalty program participation lags behind grocery and drug store programs. Some retailers believe that rewards programs are not sustainable, and an article from the Harvard Business School busts six myths about loyalty programs and demonstrates that they are indeed profit-enhancing differentiators.  

  3. Selling To SMBs: The Channel Tells What Not To Do

    Along with questions for the article Why VARs Should Set Their Sights On SMBs for the Business Solutions 2014 Partner Program Insider Business Solutions asked the channel to list common mistakes that VARs, MSPs, integrators, and software developers make when selling to SMB customers. The responses range in topic from not tailoring solutions to the needs of SMBs and neglecting training — to misconceptions that prevent selling to SMBs at all.

  4. Channel Transitions West: CharTec CEO Says Don’t Sell — Get People To Buy

    That was one of the compelling questions Alex Rogers, CEO of ARRC Technology and CharTec, asked his audience at Channel Transitions West on April 29, in Santa Ana, CA, the first of the 2014 Channel Transitions VAR/MSP Executive Conferences, powered by Business Solutions magazine.

  5. Retail IT News For VARs — May 2, 2014

    In the news this week, Walmart has introduced a new store-to-store money transfer service. In other news, fashion retailers are looking to image-recognition apps for smart phones as the latest wave in marketing strategies. And PayPal is jumping on the wearables and beacon bandwagons, piloting a program that uses beacon technology coupled with smart wearables to enable customers to pay without using credit cards.

  6. Grocery and Convenience Store IT News for VARs — May 2, 2014

    In the news, the trends toward tiered Wi-Fi service including a courtesy option and toward online ordering continue. Also, an article shows how electronic receipts can benefit your customers as a data collection tool.

  7. Channel Transitions West: Established MSPs Give Advice On Funding The Transition To Managed Services

    Practical advice on funding managed services was one of the topics the VAR/MSP Panel tackled at Channel Transitions West on April 29, the first of the 2014 Channel Transitions VAR/MSP Executive Conferences, powered by Business Solutions magazine.

  8. Hospitality IT News For VARs — May 1, 2014

    In hospitality IT news this week, PayPal is piloting a beacon-enabled payment system using wearable technology. And tiered Wi-Fi is emerging as the new industry model for hotels as they compete for guests and try to manage costs. A third article demonstrates the need to make your customers' hotel websites responsive to Google to help boost SEO ratings. Also, Dominos has jumped onto the iPad app bandwagon with its new ordering app that includes a more realistic pizza builder.   

  9. Retail IT News For VARs — April 25, 2014

    In the news this week, Michaels confirms the breach of data affecting up to 2.6 million cards in its system. The National Retail Federation also announced a plan for a new information-sharing platform for cybersecurity threats, which will aid retailers in fighting hackers. In addition, Practical Ecommerce provides some advice for navigating the crowded ecommerce platform market to help your customers select the best system.

  10. Grocery And Convenience Store IT News For VARs — April 24, 2014

    In the news this week, the NRF has announced plans to initiate an information-sharing platform for cybersecurity threats — and the NRF has hailed the decision by Chase to move to PIN and Chip cards, replacing the chip-and-signature cards, a move that will further safeguard against breaches of customer information.  Also in the news, hackers are now utilizing vulnerable third-party vendors to access systems, so retailers need to be extra vigilant in checking the security of their systems.

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