Product Showcase

  1. 9600 Series Windows Mobile Computer

    Designed for demanding mobile applications, the 9600 series delivers the optimal combination of fast data capture, easy information access, usability, and powerful processing in a single, lightweight mobile computer.

  2. 1070 Corded 1D imager Barcode Scanner

    CipherLab’s reliable and affordable handheld, corded scanners are designed to help accelerate productivity while minimizing total cost of ownership. CipherLab offers you ideal devices, which make the work easier with fast, accurate barcode scanning in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and enterprise environments.

  3. Datalogic Gryphon™ Scanners For Healthcare

    With rich feature sets, the Gryphon™ product series from Datalogic ADC represents the premium level of data collection equipment for general purpose applications.

  4. PrehKeyTec GTK86 Keyboard

    The GTK86 is a unique, touch capacitive input device housed under a glass surface. The product’s alphanumeric layout is ideal for use in medical applications where infection control is critical.

  5. Star TSP800Rx Printer

    Star Micronics has the solution to print thermal prescriptions using its secured locking TSP800 Rx Printer. Answering the requests from Hospitals and Physicians to efficiently automate the prescription process and make it simple is the cure from Star.

  6. Motorola DS4208-HC Scanner

    The DS4208-HC corded imager from Motorola allows hospitals and clinics to quickly and easily capture and verify a wealth of data at the point of care, and beyond. The automated capture of information required by emerging healthcare laws enables cost-effective compliance with new government regulations.

  7. Honeywell Captuvo SL22h Sled For Apple® iPod touch®

    The lightweight and easy-to-hold SL22h protects and transforms the intuitive Apple® iPod touch® into a durable, enterprise-ready healthcare device. Its ability to shield the Apple® iPod touch® during drops and tumbles will enhance the effectiveness of healthcare providers and protect the investment in equipment made by healthcare organizations.

  8. Code CR4100 PDA

    Code’s CR4100 is the perfect combination of a leading edge 2D optical bar code reading platform and a high performance mobile computer.

  9. Zebra HC100 Patient ID Printer

    Zebra’s HC100 printer was developed to maximize ease of use. There’s minimal training required. Just pop the easy-to-load cartridges containing Zebra’s Z-Band® wristbands into the printer—and print individual wristbands.

  10. Dymo CardScan Image Capture

    CardScan Image Capture (IC) accurately captures driver’s licenses, insurance cards and other patient information. Used on its own or interfaced with electronic health records and other practice software systems, CardScan IC delivers true, complete color images to help reduce errors, streamline admissions and speed reimbursement.