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  1. Retail IT News For VARs — March 11, 2014

    The MasterCard Mobile Payments Study finds 80 percent of merchants believe they would be at a disadvantage by not adopting a mobile payment option. In other news, solutions providers who deal with SMBs are reminded mobile management hasn’t kept up with adoption of mobile apps, and the apparel industry could offer a new market for QR code systems.

  2. Retail IT News For VARs — March 5, 2014

    A study reveals large enterprises consider mobility and Big Data as priorities. Also in the news, an article says beacons are most beneficial when connected to consumer touch points.

  3. Retail IT News For VARs — February 27, 2014

    In the news, IHS research reveals cloud-based spending is expected to triple from 2011 to 2017. Also, social media is a driver for e-commerce — but another report concludes businesses want more from technology for e-commerce.

  4. A Marriage Of Healthcare & Payment Processing

    When your March issue of Business Solutions arrives early next week, you might notice that much of the editorial has a healthcare-focused slant. Whenever we ask VARs, MSPs, and vendors about hot markets, healthcare is always on the list. The cool thing about the healthcare market is that almost every technology can be sold to hospitals and their related offices. Even POS can be sold and installed at hospital cafeterias. Additionally, healthcare is a great market for payment processing.

  5. Retail IT News For VARs — February 19, 2014

    CRM technology investments are expected to reach $24 billion this year. Also in the news, the lack of data or data spread across too many silos is hindering CMOs omni-channel marketing efforts, and more retailers are looking to labor management software to get in-store fulfillment operations in line with distribution centers.

  6. 3 Digital Signage Markets You Might Have Overlooked

    In our March issue, we featured Industry Weapon, an ISV whose digital signage expertise and subscription-based recurring revenue model are leading it to a sixth consecutive year of triple-digit revenue growth! In addition to speaking about the ISV’s growth and business strategies, we asked Craig Hanna, COO of the company, to share the markets where his company sees the greatest opportunity for digital signage sales. His answer — retail (but not like you're thinking), manufacturing, and higher education — weren’t able to make it into the main article, so I wanted to share them with you here.

  7. Retail IT News For VARs — February 12, 2014

    In the news, retailers are facing pressures to invest in cybersecurity, and a report reveals “payment friction” could have cost retailers billions this holiday season as frustrated mobile shoppers abandoned the purchase process.

  8. How The Back Side Of A Terminal Can Increase The Value Of Your Reseller Business

    The back of a POS terminal, often the customer-facing side, is space that could be used for a digital messaging. Local businesses or event organizers might consider customers waiting in line at that store to be the right audience for digital ads — and this could result in revenue that helps your client offset the cost of the POS system, as well as recurring revenue for you.

  9. Point Of Sale And Payment Processing News From January 2014

    Each month, Business Solutions reports news on business in the channel. This month in Point of Sale and Payment Processing news, POS-X rebrands, Wincor Nixdorf offers a mobile POS solution, Archelon has a new iPad enclosure design, and HP expands its digital signage display line. Also, Datalogic presents a new mobile computer, Honeywell introduces a new scanning and payment accessory for iPad mini, Toshiba announces the TCxFlight Mobile Solution, Mercury offers a mobile- and social-powered gift card, and Epson partners with Marlin Business Services to offer financing.

  10. Quick Tips For Your As-A-Service Transition

    Many break-fix VARs tell me that they believe the as-a-Service model and more recurring revenue would be good for the health of their business, but they don’t know how to get started. Reading articles about established managed services providers can be overwhelming. We don’t assume the transition from break-fix is easy, but we do think it’s necessary, and so we strive to give you as much actionable information as possible on the subject.

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