Retail Articles

  1. Ingenico Group Survey Identifies 5 Factors For EMV Migration Success

    As the U.S. engages in the transition to EMV payments, Ingenico Group has found that there are five key factors that impact a successful deployment of the technology. The company announced the results of its study at the annual Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas.

  2. Almost Half Of All 2015 Holiday Shopping Will Be Digital

    Digital shopping will be a common tool for holiday shoppers to use when they tackle their gift lists this season. According to a report from the National Retail Federation (NRF), almost half of consumers (46 percent) say they plan to do their holiday shopping online — with this number up 1.6 percent from last year’s 44.4 percent.

  3. mPOS: Where You And Your Merchant IT Customers Are, Where You’re Going

    A lot has changed in retail mobility in the last two years. A panel discussion at BlueStar VARTECH 2015 included a look back at mobile point of sale (mPOS) projections from 2013, how accurate those projections were, and where mPOS is likely to be heading from here.  

  4. Report Finds Wholesale Is Undergoing A Technology Revolution

    The wholesale distribution industry is changing the way it sells and delivers products — and technology is at the center of the change — according to a new report from Handshake.

  5. Retailers Anticipate Substantial Changes Driven By IoT

    Retailers believe big changes are coming in the next three years, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), according to a new report from RSR Research.

  6. E-Commerce Trends Drive Demand For Mobility Solutions In Distribution

    Nearly 90 percent of distribution centers are poised to add voice direction technology over the next five years, and demand is driving the need to improve accuracy and workflow process in order to provide better service, according to a new mobility study from Honeywell.

  7. The Outcry For PINs With EMV Cards Gets Louder

    U.S. retailers have begun using EMV technology to accept payment via chip cards — but the question of how to authenticate the user persists.

  8. More On Building An Exit Strategy

    Since we published the article “Building An Exit Strategy” in our November issue, I’ve received some great feedback and questions.

  9. The Positive Effects Of POS-as-a-Service

    We all know how volatile the world of POS and payment processing can be. For some, change is overwhelming and it becomes a threat. For others, change is an opportunity. A few years ago, Jared Isaacman and the people at Harbortouch saw an opportunity in change and created an industry-shaking model. Whether you love it or hate it, Harbortouch’s model seems to be working for its partners.

  10. Beacons, Geofencing, And Their Impact On Customer Experience

    Location-based technology and its impact on how your merchant clients can leverage it to enhance customer experience was a topic for a panel at BlueStar’s VARTECH 2015.