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  1. Weather, “Less Promotional Environment” Translate To Slow February For Stores

    Euclid Analytics reports for the month of February, the first day of the month — boosted by Super Bowl weekend and Valentine’s Day preparations — was the best day of the month for brick-and-mortar stores.

  2. Retail Mobile Strategy: Points Of Customer Engagement And Solutions That Work

    Your merchant IT clients are trying to keep up with ways their customers want to engage with them and to leverage tools they need to stay competitive. You can provide both.

  3. Verizon PCI Report: Compliance Should Be A Process To Support Security

    According to Verizon’s 2015 PCI Compliance Report released on March 12, almost 80 percent of businesses fail interim Payment Card Industry (PCI)compliance assessments.The report includes an analysis of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance in companies worldwide that experienced data breaches. Verizon’s research shows, since 2009, organizations that experienced data breaches showed “lower than normal compliance with a number of PCI DSS controls.”

  4. VARs, ISVs Heading For Collision With EMV Deadline. But Will There Be Any Damage?

    In my time with Business Solutions, I don’t think I've come across such an interesting topic as EMV. The card brands and vendors in the payments world will tell you how important EMV is, while VARs and ISVs scratch their heads over the lack of direction or clarity around the initiative. Many vendors claim to have easy and affordable solutions to become EMV certified, while a large number of VARs and ISVs still claim to be in the dark as to what they need to do. The card brands will talk about the added security and warn of the liability shift in the event of a breach, while VARs catering to SMBs will tell you that their customers simply aren't at risk.

  5. How To Help Your Merchant IT Clients With Their Mobile Strategies

    In today’s world, people are more connected to their mobile devices than ever before. For your clients, this means trying to keep up with ways to engage customers while enhancing the customer experience.

  6. How To Manage An Underperforming Salesperson: VARs Weigh In

    Acclaimed business author Chip Heath did more than just present a pre-planned speech at the RSPA INSPIRE 2015 Conference. He engaged the 100+ retail IT channel executive attendees in real-world problem solving within the framework of his presentations, including a mini-workshop that featured resellers sharing their biggest dilemmas.

  7. VAR Tells How Wine + Technology Can Enhance The Customer Experience

    One of the topics of Business Solutions’ Retail IT VAR Of The Future Conference, May 12-13, at Bally’s Las Vegas, is how retail VARs can enhance the customer experience their merchant clients provide.

  8. Sorting Through The Tablet POS OS Debate

    In an interview with Business Solutions, John Giles, president of Future POS, offers his insights into tablet POS (point of sale) for hospitality and retail — specifically the issue of the choice of operating system and what that means in terms of the devices that will run it and the cost.

  9. ScanSource’s Dixon: Where Mobility Fits In Retail And Hospitality

    Greg Dixon, CTO and technology evangelist at ScanSource explains the role of mobility in retail and hospitality, device features that support mobile applications, and advice for your retail and hospitality IT customers that can help them with their decision to deploy mobile solutions.

  10. Threats Heighten Need For Security Solutions For Malls

    With recent threats made to shopping malls, security integration is at an all time high. For VARs and integrators, this creates an opportunity to provide solutions that enhance security at these locations.

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