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  1. Key Characteristics Of A Tremendous Payment Processing Partner

    Through the 1990s, evaluating payment partners was as easy as sorting out the revenue offering–a simple question of who will pay the biggest share of the profit on merchants signed together. In the 2000s, additional values like gift card solutions, PCI security strategies and mobile payment options became important measuring sticks when deciding how to participate most effectively in the valuable revenue stream represented by your customers’ merchant accounts.

  2. The Cloud And The Power Of Change

    Much has been written about the barrier-to-entry power of the cloud, but what about the power of the do-over?

  3. The Mobile Payment Revolution

    Imagine the ease of walking into your favorite coffee house, store or restaurant and paying with just your smartphone. And imagine the ability to take advantage of the loyalty programs and discounts offered by your preferred credit or debit cards by just tapping your screen or passing your phone near a checkout terminal. Can you fathom a world where you aren’t fumbling with your wallet, looking for that right credit card, loyalty card and/or coupon? That is the promise – and increasingly the reality – of the mobile wallet.

  4. Exception Reporting Drives ROI

    Most companies first deploy exception reporting to address low hanging loss prevention opportunities, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you’ve mastered the basic loss prevention reports, what do you do?

  5. Amerisource Reduces Costs And Increases Productivity With Bluetooth Scanner Solution

    With headquarters in the Detroit area and branches in Green Bay and Memphis, Amerisource Industrial Supply has been in business for over 60 years. As a full line industrial distributor, they focus on consumable and MRO supplies.

  6. Level 4 Merchant PCI Compliance Trends Report

    This Research Report from Merchant Warehouse provides the analysis and results of a yearly survey taken by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and security experts at ControlScan measuring Level 4 merchants’ engagement with the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS).

  7. Fruit Grower Only Picks Quality - In Fruit And Mobile Terminals

    Gerawan Farms was experiencing a bottleneck at the tallying of packed boxes out in the fields, with data being recorded manually on paper, and then later entered into the host application.

  8. Carrefour Middle East Improves Productivity In 21 Retail Stores

    This Honeywell case study takes a look at Carrefour Group, the world’s second-largest retailer and the largest in Europe. It operates a combination of hypermarkets, supermarkets, hard discount stores, and convenience stores with 15,500 locations that are either company-operated or franchise.

  9. Coke Adds Printers To Its Warehouse To Automate Product Tracking

    Coca-Cola Enterprises performs the warehousing and delivery for Coca-Cola products, stocking and delivering pallets of products to grocery stores, restaurants, and other retail locations. They were experiencing problems with their inventory control for tools used to repair fleet truck and inventory control of product leaving the warehouse.

  10. Discover ‘Different’ — And Profit By Partnering With A Change Leader

    Discover has taken a different path to become the fastest-growing domestic payments network and is now the third-largest global payments brand. They recently announced a relationship with PayPal to enable in-store acceptance of PayPal at the 7+ million merchant locations that accept Discover cards.

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