Retail Magazine Articles

  1. IPTran LT™ Mobile Bolsters Tablet-Based Point Of Sale Solutions

    All payment processors and a variety of POS peripherals via one interface

  2. Mobile POS (mPOS) Strategic Focus And Unique Value Proposition

    Facilitating the sale and deployment of complete mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions, including bundled solutions; seeking out new sources of peripherals and other accessories to transform consumer devices into viable POS configurations

  3. Stop, Collaborate, And Profit With BIXOLON’s Channel Partner Program — A Better Partner For Your Business

    BIXOLON is a global leader in the manufacturing of POS, Mobile, and Auto ID printing technologies and has become the OEM manufacturer of choice, even by its own competitors. BIXOLON offers a complete product line, including mobile, POS, and label printers as well as customer pole displays. Our product line is equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and is compatible to speak to iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

  4. Handling Cash In An E-Payments World

    Even with the introductions of electronic payment options, mobile phones, and mobile wallets, and contrary to popular beliefs, cash remains a very active payment choice. Recently there have been several very public security breaches that have led to an increase in cash usage.

  5. VARs' Guide To Video Surveillance

    Switch From Analog To IP Video — “The migration from analog to IP video remains one of the most significant opportunities in video surveillance. The key benefit to IP video is improved image usability with HDTV quality. IP video also turns a surveillance system into an operations tool. The cross functional use of video-based solutions into other areas of retail operations can provide visual oversight into such activities as training, stock replenishment, and even merchandise delivery. Different business units can share data and information to more effectively operate the business, while also protecting it.” — Hedgie Bartol, business development manager, retail, Axis Communications

  6. VARs' Guide To As-a-Service Model

    It’s Really A No-Brainer — “Lots of people are aware of the concept, but I think the real question is how many VARs are buying into the hype and having success. One of the greatest advantages of as-a-Service is that it’s a predictable business model. VARs sitting idle waiting for an order are simply not profitable, but idle time when your clients are not calling, and yet they are still paying you, is infinitely more profitable. The recurring revenue model works because you have better visibility into next month and next year, and you can adjust your costs below your recurring revenue line.” — Mark Sokol, director of marketing, ConnectWise

  7. VARs' Guide To Payment Processing

    Don’t Miss The Boat — “EMV is big. It will be one of those things that if you turn your back to it for too long, you could lose your advantage. With companies like PayPal and Paydiant coming into mobile payments, all you have to do is look at how much money is being spent on not only mobile payment, but EMV preparedness.” — Andre Nataf, sr. business development manager, Digital Dining

  8. VARs' Guide To Mobile POS & Cloud POS

    Mobility Is A Win-Win — “On one side, it’s a win for merchants in that they gain new sales opportunities and credibility with a younger audience, while improving customer retention. It’s also a win for consumers because they are able to make a more informed decision at a better price, providing new opportunities for growth for the merchant ensures an enhanced relationship with the reseller.” — Greg Dixon, CTO, ScanSource

  9. Overcome Analysis Paralysis And Do Something

    When I started with this magazine eight years ago, I remember how I struggled writing certain articles. Sure, I was “green,” and I lacked understanding of certain topics, but the POS industry was also in a pretty quiet phase, and there weren’t a lot of exciting angles to take with articles. At the time, I had no idea we were in a lull, and I certainly didn’t expect what was coming.

  10. POS Sales: Software Functionality Seals The Deal

    ECR Systems sells all the hot stuff, but core software functionality remains the key to its longevity.