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  1. Give Back Programs Vs. Micro Donations At The POS

    Charitable Partnering in the Payment Industry Done Right! It’s everywhere we look these days, the poster supporting this charitable cause or the other. There are so many programs but they are not all created equal.

  2. IT Service Provider Client Advocacy And Benchmarking Study

    In February 2013, Client Heartbeat conducted a client advocacy study which included IT service providers in Australia, Europe and America. The study surveyed 3,500 small businesses within the client bases of these providers.

  3. Helping SMB Customers Select Online Backup Services

    A checklist for VARs and MSPs to build trust and determine specific online backup solution that is best for their clients.

  4. Discover Your Inner Leader

    Do you have the skills to successfully lead your organization? With the right amount of dedication, anyone can be a leader – including you. Now is the time to start harnessing your inner leader to take your company to the next level.

  5. 7 Essential Benefits Of Hybrid Cloud Backup

    This Datto white paper reviews what makes a hybrid cloud backup unique. And details seven of hybrid cloud backup’s distinct benefits; including, business continuity, data insurance, local storage flexibility, cost benefits, standards compliance, added revenue streams and infrastructure control.  This is a must read to get a better understanding of what hybrid cloud backup is and how you and your clients can benefit from it.

  6. Effectively Selling Business Continuity

    The challenge for many MSPs is how to best sell business continuity solutions to the SMB market. In this whitepaper Datto presents six key takeaways to help MSPs; including, sell the value of business continuity (vs. traditional backup), maximize revenue from improved service, manage TCO to yield additional profit, it’s not beneficial to build your own device, and the benefits of partnering with an award-winning business continuity vendor who is 100% channel-focused.

  7. Better Data Recovery Yields Happy Clients

    Stephill Associates, an MSP in New Jersey, was happy to have Datto SIRIS in place when an important client’s mail server was hacked. Read this success story to see how Stephill used the Datto backup and disaster recovery solution to keep the client’s business up and running, with barely a hiccup.

  8. You Won’t Lose Sleep With Datto’s Business Continuity

    ProMission Projects in Idaho is a great example of an MSP with the best interest of their clients in mind.  When a client refused to upgrade their aging server farm, ProMission convinced them to put a Datto SIRIS in place, knowing they’d need a robust backup and disaster recovery solution in place when the servers crashed.

  9. Improving Profitability For MSSPs Targeting SMBs

    This white paper discusses a configuration option that allows the service provider to address enterprise and SMB managed services requirements, at a reasonable margin, on a single Fortinet chassis.

  10. Book Review: Taking Smart Risks

    In challenging times as well as times of growth, this book can be used as a textbook to improve your odds of success. I would recommend that you have each of your managers read the book and then discuss it weekly during your review meetings.

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