Guest Column | July 17, 2014

As-A-Service: How To Retain Clients

How To Retain As A Service Clients

By Mark Sokol, ConnectWise

Congratulations, you’ve done it.

You’ve started to accrue some service contracts and you’re beginning to appreciate all the advantages of a recurring revenue model. Now, it’s time to redirect some of your energy to making sure you keep all those clients who’ve made the transition with you.

The key to client retention is pursuing an understanding of what they expect and putting a worry-free plan in place to meet those expectations. Here are a few tips for letting your customers know they’re valued.

Honesty, Not Empty Promises

Avoid confusion and disappointments by creating standard SLAs. Then have your team communicate those clearly to the client. Make it easy for your client to understand the most effective way to stay in touch with you. It’s best to under-promise and over-deliver—you can always take it up a notch, but it’s hard to repair a relationship damaged by a botched promise.

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