Case Study

Case Study: Communication Solutions

As the company has grown, several challenges have surfaced. First, when servicing multiple customers, the manual process of providing qualitative reporting data specific for each customer had become time-consuming. Second, the company was using stand-alone call recording technology coupled with homegrown databases and tracking tools and did not record agent desktops along with audio. As a result, management relied heavily on manual processes to track and manage evaluations. Finally, the company wanted to be able to deploy tools to ensure consistency in supervisor evaluations, automating calibration for how different supervisors evaluated the same recorded call.

Working hand-in-hand with dvsAnalytics, Communications Solutions began an intensive pilot program to test the Encore™ Performance Management Suite. Using CenterPlus™, they systematically increased the number of recorded calls being evaluated, breaking the agents into performance tiers so group as well as individual results could be captured. dvsAnalytics' Portfolio™ reports were used to identify the frequency and quantity of evaluations conducted by each supervisor. The completed evaluations were then used to coach, mentor, and train agents on the skill sets they were lacking.